Real mix of emotions here….

First of all, this was not the way to go. This really wasn’t. It was a… how to put it? A Habs-esque ending. This series deserved better. The Caps deserved better. The fans deserved better.

But guess what?

I think I love the Caps even more than I did before. They’re a fantastic team. With some tweaking they can be even better (how about SOME D, eh?). They need to take this experience and come back a better team in the fall. Ovie was very classy at the end with dishing out hugs for the Pens (none for Sid though. I was rooting for him to punch him out if you weren’t wondering what I was thinking). And actually, I was incredibly surprised to see the Verizon Center crowd cheering their team on in the last 2 mins. That Montreal, is how you support your team. I hope you were watching that. Because THAT is how you treat your team.

So thanks Caps. I know this wasn’t how it was supposed to end, but you’ll be stronger for it in the end. Promise. The Stanley Cup is coming to Washington and Ovie’s going to be there going insane. Just you wait =)


I didn’t see much of you this year during the season, but you can bet you’ll be fighting for time with my Habs in the fall =)

And now… I think I’m going to do something I’m going to regret but I have no choice really….

G-g-g-o B……b…….r………brooo…………………………in…….s………?

I’m sorry. This is purely bandwagon stuff here. But if those Penguins are to go down then really the only team capable of that in the east are the Bruins. I’d like nothing more than to see Lucic get suspended for life after taking out Crosby for good….That would be awesome. Of course the Bs will then lose to the Wings…. or… maybe the Hawks….. maybeh….

Yeah, I realize I’m being immature here. Everyone should be allowed to have their immature moments though, right? C’mon… I have way less moments than the Puffy does…. and he’s older than I am *gasp*

I might change my mind in the morning after I’ve recovered from this…. We’ll see….
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4 Responses to Real mix of emotions here….

  1. Grrrreg says:

    I’m sorry it had to end in such a crappy way… You can still be proud of the caps, though, that was a great series (except yesterday). I think they’re gonna be really good next year, because they now have more playoff experience. And Varlamov has probably learnt a lot too.About the Bruins, well… I think this is something we won’t agree upon. I hate them with much more passion than the pens.Anyway, the hockey gods have been awful with us this season. Look what they’ve done to us! Can you believe you could actually end up rooting for the bruins? The BRUINS? WTF? And I’m not even blaming you, we have to choose between two evils! Someone in Montreal must have done something terribly wrong to provoke this mess.

  2. With some good D, the Caps will be kicking everyone around. They will be good. And Ovi is going to raise the Stanley Cup. And I’ll be there watching him =) As for Simmy, yeah, I was saying since he started in the playoffs, that even Cam Ward had had more experience playing during the regular season than he had. Simmy had 4 games in the NHL. 4. Ward had at least a quarter of a season. Probably more. I forgot. He will be great too.And yeah…. I can’t believe I’ll have to cheer for Lucic to win so he can smash up the Penguins. This is beyond sad… You know, only once has a team I wanted to win actually gone on and won something? Canada’s junior team at the World Hockey Junior Championship thing were the only team to win something while I was following them. And they were NINE seconds away from losing in the semis. WTF…. someone up there doesn’t like me very much….

  3. Grrrreg says:

    Well, seeing a team you really love winning something is a rare thing. That’s why it’s so beautiful when it finally happens! The misery you’ve suffered earlier makes it SO MUCH better when your team wins.*hugs*

  4. You’d think at least the international tournaments would go my way….but nope. Canada’s other teams insist on losing to Russia or the USA. Pooh…. even football doesn’t go my way and tennis minus Nadal, has been sucking for me too. You’re right though. It’ll be nice when they do win. MY TEAMS WILL WIN. Unless Canada sends Crosby to the Olympics. Then I’m rooting for Ovie and the Russians. BUT TEAMS MINUS CROSBY ARE GOING TO WIN SO WATCH OUT PEOPLE!

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