Hello PK Subban

(yeah, I totally stole this from Number31 who completely beat me to this. But anyway, doesn’t this pose remind you of a certain lovable Russian for the Caps?).

Hey, some good news for once!

How would you like to celebrate your birthday by signing a three year entry level contract with your favorite NHL team? Needless to say, I’m insanely jealous and pleased about this (jealous because that is just too cool of a birthday present).

Yup. PK Subban just signed a three year contract with the Canadiens.

I have no idea what his development as a player has been at all so don’t go ruining my day by coming in here and telling me he can’t actually play defense. I just know that he’s got a pile of character which this Habs team doesn’t have right now (no, Price, your little justified fit doesn’t count. Sorry), he was insanely fun to watch a the WJC last year. And he’s a human quote machine.


If there’s one thing I wish the Habs could take from the Caps, it’s a player with character (ie, Ovie *g*). We’re sorely lacking that and it’d be totally refreshing to see someone who doesn’t look like Atlas carrying the whole damn world on his shoulders.

If I don’t see you as a Hab next fall then I’ll be seeing you as a Hammie… assuming the Hammies are still the Hammies…………let’s not think about that one for a while….. WHOOO FOR PK SUBBAN!

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