Jim Balsillie vs King Gary Take 3

Here we go again. I have no idea what he’s done to tick King Gary off, but Balsillie isn’t quitting apparently. Nope, when the Nashville bid failed, he didn’t simply go home and cry about it. Well, maybe he did. I wouldn’t know. But he’s back now and he’s trying to buy the Coyotes this time. 

This is turning into one of those tragic comedies, isn’t it?
I don’t get why King Gary doesn’t just give him the damn team if he has the money to buy and sustain it. Even if it means the team will move to a half decent market for once, so what? God forbid the team might actually stand a chance of operating if it moved to another city… Sometimes I wonder if King Gary is just being stubborn about keeping NHL teams in the cities that HE wants them to be in….
As long as Balsillie doesn’t put the team in Toronto, I’m all for having another team in Canada. C’mon, Gary. It’s supposed to be our sport. Can’t you let us have another team? Please? 
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9 Responses to Jim Balsillie vs King Gary Take 3

  1. Justin says:

    Back to Winnipeg? I really don’t know what market could handle them. Worse, I don’t know where I’d put them so that division alignments would make sense. I tried to cut up the NHL so that some of the divisions made more sense, but there was always some team that had to travel ridiculous distances to play games.

  2. I don’t think putting them back in Winnipeg would work out too well. As much as I’m sure they’d like to have one again, I’m not sure they could support it. Balsillie wants to put the team in southern Ontario somewhere. I think that part of Ontario could support another team.The whole division thing would be a bit of mess unless there is some credence to the Islands to Kansas thing….If that happens, then it’d be easy because we’d just put the Sabres in with the rest of New York and we keep the other team in Ontario.

  3. Grrrreg says:

    Woo, nice header!I feel sorry for the fans in Phoenix, it must really suck for them. I think this is far from over, though.And I REALLY hope the Isles won’t move to Kansas city. I kinda like them, and they’re finally about to get a potential amazing player at the draft.Oh, and what about our Hammies? Would they have to move? That’s a lot of questions!

  4. Thanks – that’s MY jersey in there too =p I was going to add a tennis ball but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t chewed up by dogs =p anyway…. Yeah, it has to suck to be a fan in Phoenix. But as I keep saying, I think it makes about as much sense to put a NHL team in Phoenix as it does to put an NBA team in Montreal….I’ll never say that they don’t have good hockey fans in Phoenix. I’m sure they do. But the problem is they don’t have enough fans there. Bettman should NEVER have put a team there.As for all those questions… yeah… one sec… going to write up another post…

  5. Grrrreg says:

    Oh it’s your jersey? that’s nice! I thought you found the picture on Internet.

  6. Grrrreg says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say I’m sorry about Chelsea. Well, I’m not REALLY sorry, but I’m sorry for you, if that makes sense! =)Now I hope Barcelona will beat Manchester.

  7. Yes, it’s MIIIIIIIIIIIINE =p I was too lazy to look around for a perfect picture so I just nabbed mine and snapped some pictures =)and thanks for the condolences…. that was a brutal way to lose a game and the “series” (I dunno what they call those two game thingies in footbal). What a stupid lame system they have in football. I’m so glad that they don’t do that in hockey…. can you imagine? Team with the most goals in two games wins the series…. Ovie would win all the time =p Now as much as I don’t like Barca, they HAVE to beat that bratty diving whiner. No, not Crosby. RONALDO!

  8. Grrrreg says:

    Ronaldo is waaaaay worse than Crosby, I agree! And I’m really used to that system for the Europen Cups, and I find it pretty good for football. It often leads to crazy scenarios where the home team needs to not only win, but also score a certain number of goals, and it sometimes gives incredible games like that Chelsea/Liverpool a few weeks ago.

  9. At least Puffy isn’t as arrogant as Ronaldo…he always surprises me with just how arrogant he is… Yeah, I guess the system works well enough but Barca didn’t deserve to win the game – and I’m not just saying that as a Chelsea fan – today and from what I heard, they didn’t do that well in game 1 either. And yet because they get one goal at the end of the second game they go to the finals? that’s not fair. I know Barca can be really good and they were the huge favorites going in and they probably should have taken the series anyway… but still. They didn’t bring it and yet they go through because the rules say that the team with the most away goals in the event of a tie goes through, they go through. Honestly though, I was kind of hoping Barca would go through in a brilliant manner so they could scare the crap out of Man U and go on and beat them…. I think/thought? Barca had the best chance of taking out Man U out of the teams in the final 8. but if they show up like they did today, they’re screwed and I’ll be unhappy. Okay that was a lot longer than I thought it’d be…..=p

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