Today we’re waterbottling….

1) The Dirty DUCKS for winning in TRIPLE OT. I started watching the game while eating lunch and by the time it was over, I had to go and make dinner.
That was quite the game though. It’s too early for an epic marathon though! I think the Wings need to step it up another level. They were really struggling at some points in the game which wasn’t cool. Ozzy in particular scares me whenever the puck comes near him. And the Dirty DUCKS need to stop playing dirty.

2) The people on Nothing But Crosby – because TSN couldn’t hire anybody to do their own announcing for some reason. At leas I didn’t have to listen to Milbury…..

3) The refs in the Boston/Whalercanes game. There’s a very simple reason why the Bruins don’t get a lot of penalties. It’s because the refs are blind and they miss just about every Boston penalty.
4) the morons in Toronto who called the 3rd Carolina goal not a goal. I don’t see how they could have said that it wasn’t a goal. Then again…. we imagine that the guys in Toronto are related to Colin Campbell. The puck was over the line…Even I – on my 5 x 5 fuzzy screen – can see it over the line.

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