Waterbottle him!

Tonight, EP brings you a list of people who need to be waterbottled based on tonight’s actions. That is, people who deserve to sit in the benches and have Torts throw a waterbottle at them.

  1. TSN and RDS for being so pro Boston and Anaheim
  2. Brown of the DUCKS for hitting Hudler in the head. The hit was dirty.
  3. Colin Campbell for whatever his decision on this hit will be. We’re anticipating on not agreeing whatsoever with his call.
  4. The rest of the Dirty DUCKS for being… Dirty DUCKS….
  5. Cam Ward for being a failtender
  6. Milan Lucic for being Milan Lucic
  7. TSN for mentioing the words “Crosby and OHvehckin”. We don’t want to hear about Crosby and AHvechkin. We want everyone to shut up while the players get on the ice and start playing hockey.
  8. TSN for being a failstation
  9. Major League Baseball for hijacking my television. I WANT HOCKEY!
  10. The Whalercanes and their logo that makes no sense
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