Day 13: When feeling like crap: watch some crazy Russians scoring

Works every time…. Although, Malkin goals don’t make me happy anymore so no Malkin….Sorry Malkin… I tried to keep liking you when I ditched the Pens… I tried… but alas, no such luck….

Kovalev goals never ever get old. Ever. Even if he’s a Penguin or a Ranger in a couple of these goals.. I still go “Oy… he shouldn’t be allowed to do that. It’s unfair.”

I’ve decided that I like Kovalchuk too. I feel bad that he doesn’t get any recognition because he plays on a team that is perpetually ranked last….Anyway, he’s still crazy talented.

Some awesome Semin goals.

They don’t have my favorite Semin goal though…which is here (who said you needed legs to score a goal? Pfft…legs are so overrated)

A Filatov hattrick!!!! I’m thinking we’ll be seeing plenty more goals from him in the future =)

And what would a list of some of my favorite Russian’s scoring be without some Ovie goals, eh? I still think that his goal against the Rags the other day should be ranked second *nods*

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