Day 11 and 12: Yes, I’m still watching the playoffs

…..Although I have no idea why I’m watching them at this point. If the Caps go out today or in game 7, I will have no team in the East to cheer for. Technically I don’t really have a team in the West either.


For the records, it wasn’t like I was cheering for the Flyers necessarily. It was more like I was cheering against the Penguins. Minor difference. Although as I watched the series, I could almost see how people could like the Flyers (liking Biron and Briere on the other hand….that’s beyond me). All of that is quite moot though, because said Penguins won. Thanks Biron. Way to lose after going up 3-0. At least your fans didn’t boo you. We’re hoping that the Caps and Devils will win so the Pens will play the Bruins. C’mon, wouldn’t that be great?

It was a scoring fest for the Hawks. I think I understand why people boo the national anthems though. They’re not booing the anthem itself but the way it’s being sung *g* After a performance like the one I was subjected to in Chicago, I’d totally boo the performance. Anyway, the insane singing of the anthems seemed to help the Hawks and totally disorient the Flames as the Hawks took 3 goals in about a minute. A goal for the Flames did nada as the Hawks got another one and sent Kipper to the bench. The Hawks would eventually add one more.

AND THE DUCKS…… lost in OT…. I was asleep. Not pleased. C’mooooooon Ducks. You need to win Game 6! And not in triple OT like the Stars had to do last year…

So today we cheer for….

The Caps. Torts will be out as coach tonight because he tossed a water bottle over the glass at a Caps fan the other night. Uhuh… So that whole “our players need to be more disciplined” thing not only failed (let’s see, 6 players on the ice for over 10 seconds and I dunno how many stupid penalties) but umm, the coach gets suspended for blowing up at the fans. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this? Didn’t think so….

Questions to ponder: Will Avery be in the lineup? Will Bruce Broudreau be the victim of “revenge” beer tossing by the crowd at MSG? Will the Rags play better or worse without Torts? Maybe not having a nutjob screaming at them will help them out? Or maybe they’ll be completely lost without having him tell them what to do?

Devils. A Caps victory and a Devils victory gets us closer to a Pens vs Bruins series. We want that.

The Hammies. It’s win or go home tonight. Obviously we want a win =p

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5 Responses to Day 11 and 12: Yes, I’m still watching the playoffs

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Go Caps Go! WOOOO! 3-1 after one, and finally a game that I can watch without losing sleep! niiice…

  2. Grrrreg says:

    Oh, and by the way, I don’t like that new sign-up thing to post comments here. It requires more effort to put my name and url than before, and I’m LAZY! Sorry to complain, but that needed to be said. ;)

  3. WHOOOOOOO! I almost said “we won”…. Oops… CAPS WIN! YES!About the thingy….I thought it created less effort in general? The whole post thing is right there so you don’t have to have two windows open if you’re an idiot like me and can’t remember what you’re responding to. I think it looks slightly nicer too =p I’ll see what I can do to make it look more like yours where the “add your name and URL” part is right on top of the post box thing…

  4. Grrrreg says:

    You’re right, it does look better, and it’s nice not to open 2 windows anymore. So well, you can forget what I said, it’s better that way overall! :)And the capitals looked good today! Game 7, woo hoo!

  5. Okay =p Yeah, they Caps looked great. Or the Rags just looked really bad….? They weren’t even trying throughout most of the game… I guess we’ll see what both teams are made of in Game 7 =)

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