Alexander the Great strikes again

Ahem… video of Ovie’s goal against the Rags. I know people want to kick him, but I personally could watch this one all day (for the records, I have watched some of his goals all day *g*). Maybe now people will stop pointing out that goal Ovie got against Pricey…? Maybe not… Whatever. This is the goal that matters right now.

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9 Responses to Alexander the Great strikes again

  1. Justin says:

    All that, but there should have been a hooking or holding call on Fedorov at the beginning of the clip. Wow, I hate refs.As for goals, that was nice, but the one against Phoenix as a rookie will always be his goal.

  2. I found the refs have been bad in just about every series so far in the playoffs… I don’t remember them being this bad last year… Well, yeah, I agree that this goal against Phoenix will always be *the* goal. This one is the second best =)

  3. kristin says:

    As an Ovie hater of sorts, even I have to admit this was a pretty sweet goal!

  4. How can anybody hate Ovie? I thought only PENGUINS fans hated Ovie? Or is this a state-wide thing now? lol =p

  5. Grrrreg says:

    Hmm, this Ovie kid seems pretty good…I like the Caps, but I find their goal horn and multiple sirens pretty obnoxious.

  6. Not you too? Ovie isn’t “pretty good”. He’s freaking amazing at times *nods*

  7. Justin says:

    Contrary to popular belief, most Pens fans don’t hate Ovie. I rather like the guy, actually. The Caps just don’t make me hate them like they did in the ’90s with Dale Hunter…

  8. Grrrreg says:

    I was kidding, Ovie is great!

  9. Justin – Oh good =) Grrreg – I know, I know… =p

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