Day 10: It can’t be Friday… It has to be Monday….

It has to be Monday because today is random info day. I think I do this every Friday though… Maybe I should move random info day from Monday to Friday?

Last night went….GOOD!

Wings finally squashed the Jackets (sorry Jackets) and I was NOT pleased with how Osgood and Co did. You don’t take two-goal leads (how many times? Twice?!) and then BLOW it in two seconds…. BAH BAH BAH BAH! But ya’ll won eventually so I’m pleased with that. Now get your act together and be better in the next round please!

DUCKS WON. In spectacular fashion too. 4-0! I shouldn’t laugh butbutbutbutbutbut…..

BIRON actually go a shutout. Oh my god…. I was dying… in a semi-good/semi-bad sort of way…BIRON YOU DIDN’T FAIL ME?! What’s going on here?! Yeah, you got insanely lucky. But you didn’t fail me. I can’t believe it. it’s truly the end of the world….

Devils/Whalercanes were boring. I died of boredom.


uh well, it went… and I missed what happened. I missed Team Canada smouldering Team Balrus 6-1 in Switzerland today. I wasn’t too annoyed because there’s nobody I really like playing for Team Canada and it’s still early on in the tournament anwyay. But guess who got the lone Belarus goal? Oh yeah. I saw the score and I was like “Oh c’mon… lemme guess…. Grabs got the lone goal?” and then I checked and yup. The twerp got the goal. BAH. Apparently I didn’t know that Salei was from Belarus too. I thought there was only Grabs and the Kostitsyn brothers. Apparently there is also Salei. Huh….

I’m rocking the red in my red Habs shirt (according to Leonsis, it counts so nyah). Hoping the Caps can beat those Rags.

Edit: HELLO GAME 6!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh why oh why couldn’t more of this series be like this game? It had everything. It had grumpy Rags, a beautiful shorty goal by a guy who I hardly ever hear of, one ugly Caps goal by the same guy who I hardly ever hear of, one sick-in-the-good-way Semin goal, one amazing Ovie goal, one angry coach in Torts, drunk fans, dozens of Rags penalties despite no Avery in the lineup… Oh and it had a shutout by Simeon (there is no way in hell I’m calling the guy “Varly”. Ick). WHOOOOOOOOOO! Caps are still in it baby! Oh and… as I mentioned on Twitter… Hockey on TV isn’t TV. It’s hockey. Non-hockey on TV is TV.

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