Day 8: Oy vey….

A picture of most of my Habs stuff. I have accumulated more stuff since I took that picture, but yeah, figured I’d show off some of some of it to support the guys =)

  1. I find it sad, maddening and pathetic that I can’t go downtown because I’m afraid that if les boys lose tonight, there will be a riot. I got mad yesterday when someone said that they dont’ want the team to win (or I guess lose either?) because they didn’t want to see riots. I was mad not at the people for saying that, but at the morons who go around rioting because they don’t represent most fans and they don’t represent the team. I don’t appreciate being thrown in the same boat as these people who think it’s okay to go destroying things and just plain causing chaos.
  2. I find it sad, maddening and pathetic that there will be people booing the team. How is booing them going to help anything? If it’s so damn easy to beat the Bruins maybe they should go out on the ice and give it a try. Yeah… that’d go over really well….
  3. I find it sad, maddening and semi-pathetic that the media will go moaning and moaning after this loss. Stuff it. Again, if it’s so damn easy to win all the time, then you guys try it. Whining isn’t going to change what happens.
  4. Oh and I have proof that it ain’t over until it’s over: After blowing a 3-0 lead, the Whalercanes won 4-3 with .02 seconds left on the clock in regulation time. Brodeur had a fit and I laughed for about fifteen minutes. What? I was tired.
  5. Is it just or is this first round progressing rather quickly? The poor Blues were swept last night and the Habs could be swept tonight. The Jackets and the Flyers could also face elimination tomorrow as well.
  6. Tonight we cheer for the Habs and the Caps!

Win or lose, I still love my Habs. And you should love them too *nods*

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2 Responses to Day 8: Oy vey….

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Your collection of habs stuff is impressive. I only have a habs baseball cap and a Ken Dryden shirt, but I cherish them!

  2. Impressive or insane? Sometimes less is more. It’s hard not to buy Habs stuff when you live here though – well, I say that and I’ve now bought a fair number of stuff in Toronto and Quebec City…lol… I have no idea how I’ve accumulated all of this in a year’s time. The only thing I had last year was a towel (which you can see in the photo).

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