DAY SIX: *takes a deep breath*

Yesterday by the way, went very nicely.

  1. Fleury was a sieve and Biron was a semi-sieve. The Flyers learned that when the anointed one is on the ice, you don’t touch any Penguin. You touch one and you’ll get thrown in the overly small penalty boxes (seriously, I don’t get why they’re so small in Philly). That’s how it works these days when the anointed run is running around. Suck it up Flyers and come up with a way to put something in his water. Oh and… Flyers fans win the prize for the best and most consistent booing of the anointed one himself. How could I ever have hated the Flyers fans…? Man… that was so nice…..
  2. Canucks won. Again. I think I’m happy. Even if those creepy twins are well, creepy. Actually, the Blues fans drove me up the wall so I figured I’d pick the team who’s fans are the least annoying
  3. Whalercanes lost in OT…… I think….. I wasn’t paying attention….

Now for TODAY…..

HABS ARE AT HOME and I’m very jealous of Number31 who got tickets!

  • No Lucic tonight as he got suspended for a game for bashing Lapierre upside the face. Lapierre’s face is still messed up *sticks Lucic back in the toaster* I think all players who are suspended should be forced to make a voodoo doll……
  • Dunno who’s in nets
  • All I ask from the Habs tonight is for them to show up tonight.
  • And I want the crowd to boo the heck out of the Bruins. BOO THEM! Take out your anger at the Bruins!

Caps meanwhile…. somehow ended up playing at the same time as the Habs. We are NOT amused by this.

  • The Caps need to find a way to beat Lundqvist in his overly sized goalie pads….
  • Showing up to the game could help a lot
  • And no stupid rushes against whoever is in nets
  • And no stupid penalties
  • With any luck I”ll have an Avery voodoo doll ready in time for the game (and I’m still running around in my Ovie shirt…)

Everyone else….

  • If I could remember who was playing tonight, I’d cheer for someone… But I can’t remember so nyah… yeah, it’s pre-caffeine hour right now….
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3 Responses to DAY SIX: *takes a deep breath*

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Finally, a home game! It’s time to turn this series around!! Come on habs!

  2. kristin says:

    Yes, we are very good at booing Crosby. Chara and Ovechkin are favorites to boo too, but we live for booing Crosby.

  3. Even the Caps don’t boo Crosby like that…*loves the Flyers fans right now*

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