I’ve come to a very sad decision….

If Team Canada picks Brodeur, Crosby and Lucic to be on their team for the Olympics, I’m cheering for Russia. Sorry Canada, but there is no way in hell I’m going to cheer for a team that has Lucic on it. No bleeping way. The guy is a moron. And that’s putting it nicely.

But aside from the morons on the ice, the morons in the stands and the morons in black and white, the Caps, Bulldogs, and Habs didn’t help themselves one bit today. They simply did not put up enough effort, enough emotion, and in the case of the Habs, they were too undisciplined tonight to win. Fine, fine, so some of those calls weren’t real and there was no way in hell that the Bruins only went to the PK ONCE at the end of the period but still… the Habs were not playing like a team. Price and Kovy showed up and we saw glimpses of other people but on a whole…the team didn’t show up.

Which baffles me completely. It’s a playoff game, people. I know you’re tired and demoralized but just flopping over and quitting isn’t really a great option. I said this before but I’ll say it again: I don’t give a damn if the Habs are swept in four games PROVIDED that they go down fighting. If they lose the next two games playing like they did tonight, I will not be a very happy person. This team is very much capable of at least making Boston’s lives miserable. They can do it. I realize that this isn’t the ideal matchup and we didn’t get the ideal seed going into the playoffs. But honestly…. suck it up, guys. Moping ain’t going to change who you’re playing. Essentially we’re seeing the same two teams from last year. There isn’t that much of a difference. The difference appears to be in their heads right now.

Right now the Bruins are playing like a team while the Habs… aren’t. And damnit, the Habs better snap out of this depressed “woe is me, can we just finish this already so I can go crawl into a whole and die” attitude or else I’m watching the Wings full time. Crazily enough, I still believe in these guys. I still believe that they can get it together and actually win a game or at least give Boston everything that they’ve got.

So there we have it. I’m still trying to figure out why 1) the networks and media all seem to be against the Habs and 2) why the hell my teams didnt’ show up to play. They treated it like it was a game in the middle of February and 3) why it feels like the refs were completely biased against the Hammies and the Habs tonight….

Oh and..whoever thought the Habs game was bad…. I assure you Troy the movie was a lot worse…. Watching Brad Pitt pretending to be a Greek is like watching Milan Lucic trying to give an interview.

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5 Responses to I’ve come to a very sad decision….

  1. Grrrreg says:

    This is tough… I was not really expecting miracles, but this is worse than what I thought. I was at least hoping they would show up. The first game was not embarrassing, but this one was. I would have been a little more optimistic if at least, they had lost in an encouraging way before coming back to Montreal for game 3. Anyhting less than a very convincing win on monday, and things will look really bad… :(As for the caps, I’m disappointed too. This is not my secondary team, but I like them way more than the rangers. Now they have to hope for a “2006-07 Carolina Hurricanes” scenario: lose the first two games, start your rookie goaltender, win the next four, and go on to win the cup (injuring key players of the opposing teams in the process). That’s not very likely but it happened before!At least, the blackhawks won. Thanks Chicago! (I refuse to root for the Wings. No matter how many great European players they have, they still look evil to me)

  2. Number31 says:

    Bob’s gotta stop canceling the morning skate. Every time he does they mail in the game. Even my brother noticed this.Who is stupid enough to pick Lucic for Team Canada? The guy wouldn’t last 5 seconds in international rules, or would just be very useless.

  3. Grrreg – It wouldn’t be half as bad if the Bruins fans weren’t sticking it to us at every chance they get…. x_X If I had the time, the energy and the money, I’d make voodoo dolls for every single twerp that was in the stands… I really doubt the Caps will go anywhere with Varlamov… Cam Ward had played a lot more games during that season than Varlamov has (he’s played, what? 4 games in the regular season this year?). They’re finished if they think he can steal this series for them. It’s up to the guys in front to do better. Which is also what I’ve been saying about the Habs…. They can’t just rely on their goalies to try to steal a series….And… Eww, you like Chicago? Yucky…. I don’t like them for absolutely no reason *g* But how can you NOT like the Wings? Well, actually, I can understand that… they don’t have too many players that you want to hug…hehehe…. I think I only like them because I’ve been defending them so much… Oh well. It was nice to see *someone* win last night… Number31 – I wonder why no morning skate = no Habs show up later. That’s just stupid! And I dunno who’d pick Lucic… there were people (can’t remember who) who were saying that Team Canada could pick him for the team…Like you said, he’d last all of two seconds but… I dunno… Lucic or not, Crosby will kill it for me anyway so nyah…

  4. Grrrreg says:

    I don’t like the wings because, to use a nerd refercence, they are like the imperial army from Star Wars. They’re powerful and very good, but you can’t really root for them because they’re evil. (I must admit I rooted for them during the cup finals last year, though. And I like Datsyuk a lot)

  5. The Wings aren’t evil *shakes head* the Bruins are evil…. the Leafs think they’re evil… =pYeah, I like Datsyuk too… Although for some reason I always forget about him… =p

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