Day 5: do we really care if Biron is a sieve or not?

Well, actually, I do, because I predicted that the Flyers would lose in 6 and to lose in 6 they have to win twice. So damnit, Biron, you better stop letting in weak goals today…. But anyway…. The reason why I’m bringing you this useless post is because I’ve got pictures of Thomas the voodoo doll and more Lucic abuse =)

I found Lucic in the toaster this morning. Apparently my family hates his guts too. I love my family sometimes =)

It`s getting really crowded in that tissue box of doom…. Yes, that`s Thomas with WAY too much hair on (I can’t seem to make my voodoo dolls baldish. It just doens’t work). You can`t see how fat he is from this picture, but I did my best to make him as realistically chubby as possible. Am I the only one who thinks Crosby looks ticked off that Thomas has his hands in his face? *g*

Oh and yeah… that’s me in my new Ovie shirt in front of my Ovie poster… Two things you should know: 1) I’m not as wide as the shirt makes me look. I swear I’m skinnier than Thomas….! and 2) My Price poster is up on my wall too. So I’m not abandoning Pricey for Ovie…*g*

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8 Responses to Day 5: do we really care if Biron is a sieve or not?

  1. CapsChick says:

    LMAO it just gets better and better – I love your voodoo doll menagerie! If only I could sew, I’d be doing the same thing (or if you feel so inclined, an Avery doll would be lovely :D).And I’m lovin’ the Ovie shirt!!

  2. Grrrreg says:

    Your shirt is really cool, especially with the Russian alphabet.If you keep up with that pace, you’re gonna end up with a LOT of hockey dolls at the end of the playoffs! =)

  3. CC – thanks! OH AVERY! Yes, I said I’d make one and then I forgot in-between all the Bruins hating. I’ll do one soon. I think I’ll have time tomorrow even. Avery MUST have a voodoo doll. And then if Lundqvist keeps this up, he can get one too *g* Grrrreg – if I end up with too many I’ll have to ship some off to France =D

  4. Grrrreg says:

    If you do that, don’t worry, I’ll properly “take care” of them! :D

  5. CapsChick says:

    Yes, AVERY!! Do it. I can’t wait to see that little tool in voodoo form – kick him once in his cotton-stuffed crotch for me, k?And…I might have drawn a Lundqvist “doll” on paper and we might have hung him from the hand of our Ovie bobblehead just now. Maybe. I cannot confirm nor deny this. :P

  6. Grrreg – I’m sure you will. I almost brought my Grabs one to the tweetup and then I didn’t because I figured it’d be like a piranha feeding frenzy…. I didn’t want the thing I spent 3 hours of my life on dying so quickly… =DCC – LOL… I’ll hit him for you =p And yes….I may have seen a picture of Lundqvist in his huge pads dangling from the hand of an Ovie bobblehead…. Very nice =p

  7. Justin says:

    Being skinnier than Thomas wouldn’t take much. They list him at 5’11”, 201 lbs, but there’s no way that’s accurate. He’s pudge city!

  8. Haha…that’s like calling Shorty Marty St. Louis 5’9″…. there is no way that guy is 5’9″…. maybe – MAYBE – on skates….

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