Playoffs Day 3: in which I’ll miss everything….

Off to Sensland to do something unhockey related. I need an iPhone *sniffles* (curse you tweeps who had such pretty iPhones! Now I want one…..) Oh well… What I’ll be missing…:

Caps vs Rags

  • Don’t turn Lundqvist into last year’s version of Biron vs the Habs….Henrik is SO beatable….
  • Keep Green away from Avery. Avery has picked his guy to go after and it’s Green. Keep Green away from Avery!
  • That being said… Let Ovie smash that little twerp to his heart’s content
  • And Jose… If you won’t step up – and everyone’s saying that you won’t – then I hope to the hockey gods that the guys up front do better….

Smevils vs Whalercanes

Hope the people brought their pillows….

The team with the most hated player on the planet after Mikhael Grabovski vs the most hated team on the planet after Toronto

  • C’mon Flyers……..?
  • Dare I even say…. “C’mon Biron”? I bet you know that I want to you not be a bloody sieve and that’s why you’re doing this. You hate me. I hate you. You go and do exactly the opposit of what I want you to do. Peh. You want me to turn YOU into a voodoo doll too?! Damn you Biron…

HAMMIES vs grand rapids somethings (forgot their name again…)

  • And please, please, please, please let the announcers be good tonight (I’m looking at you colour commentator Craig guy or whatever your name was)

And to cap off this totally useless post I bring you some Sharks bashing. Because in the absence of the Leafs and Bruins I need someone to bash…..

So let me get this straight…. the Big Strong Sharks – the guys who finished on top of their conference AND on top of the ENTIRE league. The guys who would be playing the measly eighth place deadish DUCKS. The guys who despite looking like crap in teal, have been Stanley Cup favorites since DAY ONE practically. The guys who apparently other teams just couldn’t handle – got blanked 2-0 at home last night in their opener.

Now I know it’s just one game but I have only one thing to say…


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2 Responses to Playoffs Day 3: in which I’ll miss everything….

  1. Number31 says:

    Actually Joe Thornton tends to disappear during playoffs.

  2. Butbutbutbut I can still rub it in…!

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