So the Habs didn’t win tonight but…………

The good news is….

  1. Milan Lucic the voodoo was abused to no end tonight. He was the main attraction actually so that’s nice *g* I should have brought Grabovski…. then again… I had a hard time trying to keep Lucic from being completely shredded (hey, look, I spent three hours of my life working on that guy. The only one who gets to seriously abuse him is ME) so maybe bringing Grabs wouldn’t be a good idea…=p
  2. I liked most of the guys effort tonight. It was a lot better than I thought it would be (pessimist bit, yes?)
  3. The Tweeps at the tweetup are great =) (and much to my surprise I wasn’t the only person there who made St. Louis look like a giant *G*). So thank you to Kyle, Amanda, Number31, pluc and the everyone else at the other table (sorry I couldn’t talk to you. I could barely hear the guys beside me…) for making the night enjoyable.

Proof that Lucic the voodoo was abused:

I’m not sure who’s idea it was to stick Lucic on top of MY glass but someone did so I figured what the heck…might as well stick him.
This certainly was NOT my idea but made for some great pictures. I think he ended up in someones’ beer at one point though, so whoever got that beer will have a taste of Lucic….Oops…

See? More abuse.Yes, I dunked him in a glass of water when the idiot got the assist on an empty net. #$%^ you Lucic… I got the entire table wet. Hehe. And now I’m debating the best way to dry him…

A stick figure drawing of us abusing Lucic… lol =p

The bad news is…..

  • Bruins won
  • Lucic is still alive (the real guy)
  • I don’t have an Iphone or a Blackberry which makes me slightly sad because I can’t tweet easily when away
  • Breezer and Andrei annoy me right now…
  • Turtle-Pleky is not alive right now….
  • The French fries were NOT worth the $ 6.21. I pretended that they were Lucic and ate most of them though. So it was all good.

Who’s getting a voodoo doll now:

  • Tim “the Marshmellow” Thomas (he was the flailing goalie but now he’s a marshmellow. I mean, how the hell are the Habs supposed to score when the goalie is the exact same dimensions as the net? Seriously…That’s not fair when you think about it…) I don’t care if I spelled “marshmellow” wrong. I butcher the language on a daily basis anyway. “Marshmellow” sounds better.
  • Chara because… because
  • Kessel. Because.
  • Joe Thornton (yeah, I know, he doesn’t play for the Bruins but he’s on the stupid TV right now and he’s annoying me by the mere fact that he’s on the TV)
  • PA guy in Boston *g* “Whooo!”…..? Who says “Whooo” when their team scores? That’s just stupid…

Enemy watch:

  • Wings reminded everyone just who the defending champs were tonight. And no, it wasn’t Columbus, thank you!
  • Chicago and Calgary are going to OT.. oh wait… make that a Hawks win about two seconds into OT
  • And Ducks and Sharks have done zippo….
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4 Responses to Olééééééééééééééééééé!

  1. kristin says:

    Ah yes, I was wondering why no tweets from you during the tweetup.And I’m happy you abused Lucic but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Oh well!

  2. Yeah…. My phone (which wasn’t actually my phone) wasn’t very cooperative. I could send tweets but nor receive them but then I’m stuck with a ugly way of “typing” (three letters per button is not a nice way to “type”). I need an iPhone or something. They look really pretty…. =) Yeah, abusing Lucic didn’t work too well… Maybe it’ll work for Saturday? Or maybe I’ve got the wrong Bruin…. Maybe it only works for Chara or Thomas…I’ll keep trying!

  3. Grrrreg says:

    Well, t least, you can’t be blamed for the loss. Seeing the pictures, you’ve done everything tht was in your power to jinx Lucic. Well done!

  4. Number31 says:

    Funny thing when the Lucic doll was hanging from the pipes, the Bruins started sucking and the Habs scored. So maybe the doll did work a bit.

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