Monday came on Tuesday today

Meaning, instead of Mondays’ random stuff, it’s now Tuesday’s random stuff….. Whatever, moving on.

FIRST OFF! – Roadtrips are interesting

Somehow I managed to be out of town twice this week, both not Habs playoff days, thank goodness. Today I came back from another trip to the land of the defunct Nordiques – which I wouldn’t be mentioning if It wasn’t for the fact that I figured you’d all not want to know that I bought Habs stuff there. Yes, they sell Habs stuff in abundance with all of their defunct Nordiques stuff in their gazillions of touristy shops that I went through (I didn’t really feel like a tourist but I was alone and bored and in desperate need of something Habs). I feel bad for the poor people on Quebec City though. The poor people are obviously quite hockey deprived. Someone bring them back a hockey team darnit!!!!! They are very deprived there *nods* I can now say that about half my Habs stuff was in the two cities that probably hated us the most. Whoopie. Friday, I will be missing the Caps while I make a trip to Sensland. Maybe I should look for Caps stuff if I get the time? Not that I need more Caps stuff… I’m waiting for my Ovie shirt to come from North Carolina….

Adventures of a Habs fan in Nordiquesland: So an itty bitty Habs fan walks into a sports jersey store (that would be me). She looks longingly at the Habs stuff, gazed inquisitively at the Nordiques stuff, pukes at the Pens and Leafs items, before turning to some other jerseys. A guy comes up to her and after asking her what language she speaks, he proceeds to go on a spiel about the jerseys she was looking at. Apparently the ones that say “Russia” on them in Russian are the Russian’s international jerseys (because like, the Swedish don’t write in Cyrillic) which is part of the IIHF (which stands for International Ice Hockey Federation). “Well, thank you, mister,” the itty bitty Habs fan thinks to herself. “But at what point did I say that I was from Australia?! I KNOW what those jerseys are! I am from Canada darnit! And I did cheer for Team Russia at various points during various international events (AFTER Canada of course)… sheeesh….” The itty bitty habsfan thanks Mr. Salesdude for his info – and we’ll give him credit for being nice in the first place- before walking away to look at Liverpool stuff. Sometimes the itty bitty Habs fan really doesn’t get why people think she’s from another continent…. Is it the sunglasses? I swear just about every other person in Canada has a some that look the exact same….


Tweetup. If you live in or near Montreal, you must come to our tweetup. What is that? See their lovely and coherent explanation on All Habs. I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s a sane thing to go. I mean for the other people’ sanity. Not mine =p Do you really want to meet an itty bitty little quiet Habs fan? Really. I’m quiet around new people. Really. I’m not lying! Really!!!!

THIRD OF ALL… this lottery draft thing is very underwhelming….

Congrats Isles. You landed the first pick overall. Have fun and don’t squander it. And boo on you Tampa Bay for landing ANOTHER top first round pick. Pfft….

FIFTH- So Burke wants Tavares, eh?

Apparently everyone’s favorite GM wants to trade up in the draft and hopefully land 1st or 2nd. Now, I suppose it’s entirely possible that the Isles and the Bolts will be stupid and give up their picks but… I don’t see the Isles doing that. Why? Because they’ve been wanting this since November and what exactly does Burke think he’s going to trade the Isles for?

Really. I need to sleep now =p

Fourth.. There is a fourth… I’m thinking….Oh got it!

EP IS NOT A GUY! EP IS NOT A GUY! EP IS NOT A GUY! Just putting that out there for anyone who thought otherwise…..Don’t want any misconceptions. Although if you read the profile you’d know that EP is a girl…. Anyway…. yeah…. there still seems to be a lot of people who think EP is a guy…. EP is an itty bitty insane Habsgirl! Thank you.

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5 Responses to Monday came on Tuesday today

  1. kristin says:

    I’d like to see the Brian Burke/Garth Snow exchange in stick figure form please. Thank you.And you should totally go to the tweetup. It’s always way cool to meet other hockey geeks. (And when I come back in June you will have to hang out with me!!!)

  2. Stick figure form done! =p It’s a good thing stick people don’t look like anything to begin with because I have no idea what Garth Snow looks like… =p And yeah… I think I’ll go to the tweetup thingy. I just need to work on some minor things first =) (and whoo, yes, we’ll have to meetup so we can watch the Isles draft Tavares (or the Leafs maybe =p) in June =D)

  3. kristin says:

    Thanks for the drawing! It made my night!

  4. Number31 says:

    I work like next door to where the tweetup is but I don’t think I’ll be going…I can see Burke dumping his entire team to Tampa Bay for their pick. They just might be stupid enough to do it. Maybe Burke will include their mascot too!

  5. Why won’t you come?! You’re leaving me as the only girl there?! *sniffles*OH I forgot about the mascot bit….!!!Burke: 5 conditional picks, 2 useless goalies and a crappy mascot.Dudes in Tampa Bay: DONE!

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