Happy hockey birthday to me

(yeah, I just stole the phrase “hockey birthday” from Kristin. It’s a great phrase *g*)

On April 10th, 2008, EP would witness five minutes of Game 1 of the Canadiens/Bruins playoff series. She had never seen the Habs play before. She had no idea who they were really (the only guy on the team she could name was Koivu and all she knew was that he was some Finnish guy who had had cancer) or what they had done in the regular season (“first in the what?”). All she knew was that the guys in yellow looked awful and had to go down. She witnessed the Habs getting their third goal of the night – nope, she can’t remember who scored it – before she switched the channel to some dumb show – and nope, she doesn’t know what the show was.

EP feels that since that day she was never the same again. Two days later she would watch her first full NHL game and she would be hooked for life…. Well… fine… so it’s only 2009 now… but still *g* She would be hooked. Yes, that means you’ll probably be treated to a boring lecture on Sunday *g*

The Habs world has, of yet, no idea what hit it on that fateful day, but it will know one day soon when EP puts her ebil (yes, EBIL with a B) plans into action….. Bwahahahaha…

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3 Responses to Happy hockey birthday to me

  1. kristin says:

    Aw! Happy hockey birthday! I always celebrate the occasion of my first game too! (January 19th)

  2. Grrrreg says:

    That’s sweet! You’ve been trough 12 months of hockey madness, so you’re a veteran fan now…As Kristin said, happy hockey birthday!

  3. Aww thanks! I thought about not admitting that it’s only been one year of insanity but oh well! Gotta start somewhere, right? =p

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