Tallying up the injuries

I bet you by the end of this season – whenever the end may be – there will be talk about the injuries. Most likely the talk will mostly be about the underachieving and overpartying guys – and Carbo – but there will be talk about the injuries. And why not? After enjoying a season of relatively injury free in 2008, fate decided to make the Habs pay for the 2009 season. Not once have all the players that Gainey and Co had in place at the beginning of the year all played together. Someone has always been injured. Let’s take a look, shall we? This info was nabbed from sportsnet. Unfortunately it doesn’t say when the guys came back but that’s beside the point. And… I’m not sure why Sergei and Andrei weren’t listed after they were injured against Chicago and the Islanders. Was Andrei technically benched for that Leafs game?

Andrei Markov (from Apr 3, 2009): Left game – undisclosed injury (will be gone 3 weeks according to RDS)
Mathieu Schneider (from Apr 3, 2009): Left game – upper-body injury (heck, I’ll be presumptious and say IR)
Carey Price (from Apr 1, 2009): Flu (day-to-day)
Andrei Kostitsyn (from Mar 25, 2009): Flu (day-to-day)
Francis Bouillon (from Feb 19, 2009): Groin (IR)
Guillaume Latendresse (from Feb 1, 2009): Shoulder (IR)
Robert Lang (from Feb 1, 2009): Torn left Achille’s tendon (IR)
Carey Price (from Jan 11, 2009): Lower body injury (day-to-day)
Carey Price (from Dec 31, 2008): Lower-body injury (day-to-day)
Alex Tanguay (from Dec 30, 2008): Left shoulder (IR)
Georges Laraque (from Dec 26, 2008): Strained groin (IR)
Andrei Kostitsyn (from Dec 19, 2008): Lower body injury (day-to-day)
Saku Koivu (from Dec 10, 2008): Lower-body injury (IR)
Christopher Higgins (from Dec 9, 2008): Upper-body injury (IR)
Mathieu Dandenault (from Dec 8, 2008): Broken arm (IR)
Christopher Higgins (from Dec 8, 2008): shoulder injury (IR)
Alex Tanguay (from Nov 27, 2008): Whiplash (day-to-day)
Georges Laraque (from Nov 27, 2008): Groin (day-to-day)
Georges Laraque (from Nov 22, 2008): Groin (day-to-day)
Francis Bouillon (from Nov 15, 2008): Left game – undisclosed injury (day-to-day)
Mike Komisarek (from Nov 14, 2008): Strained shoulder (IR)
Andrei Kostitsyn (from Oct 17, 2008): Left game – head (day-to-day)
Christopher Higgins (from Oct 9, 2008): Groin (IR)
Georges Laraque (from Oct 9, 2008): Groin (day-to-day)
Francis Bouillon (from Oct 7, 2008): Leg (IR)

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