Isles- Habs pregame rant

Do hockey players not get flu shots or something?

Seriously. Price is apparently sick with the flu. Again. This is what, the third time this year that he’s had it? Do I really need to say what a bad time this is to have the flu? Do I really need to say that now I’m concerned that it’ll spread throughout the entire team now? Oh wait. A pile of guys already had it. Well, still! What if Kovalev goes Kovaflu again? Do I really need to say that the flu killed Jaro’s chances of being cool??!

I’m not pleased at all with this. We needed the Priceberg to do his stuff tonight. I love Jaro but he’s a terrible backup goalie because he usually takes several games to settle in. We don’t have several games. Jaro, you have 8 hours to get prepared mentally for this game and you better bring it tonight. Forget all those crap games. Remember those really drop dead amazing games in which you tried to stop our crap-fest-streak (and pretty much succeeded too until that damn flu bug came around).

The Islanders, despite being second most boring team in the league and the bottom ranked team in the whole league, have not been kind to us. Not at all. Every game has been a damn struggle and for the most part we’ve come out looking like idiots. Right now, every game is a must-win and this is probably going to be the easier of the opponents of these must-win games. Easier doesn’t mean they’ll be a pushover. I think you all learned that. But they ain’t the Bruins or the newly inspired Rags or Pens. They’re the horrid Islanders who are in the Tavares Cup race.

Show me some of this great stuff you’ve doing and pound those Islanders. Please! And Andrei, you still bloody owe me for that crap display of hockey from the last Isles/Habs game. Do something about it and score a bloody goal, please.

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4 Responses to Isles- Habs pregame rant

  1. kristin says:

    Another day, another Habs drama!

  2. Tell me about it…. x-x

  3. Number31 says:

    I believe hockey players are not allowed flu shots. They don’t really work anyway.Actually I don’t think they’re allowed many of the medicines out there too. Kind of like that poor rower who was disqualified for taking cold medicine and eating a bagel and because of that, it showed on her drug test.That’s why Habs need emergency chicken soup!

  4. Really…. well that really does suck… Well, ply them with chicken soup then, like you said!

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