What’s that sound?!

That sound you hear this morning, people, is the sound of the Ottawa Senators as they make their plans for the golf courses. Yes, people, their billion years of straight playoff appearances is OVER. OVER! They will be joined of course, by the Leafs, but that wasn’t a surprise to most people (although apparently Brian Burke is all ticked off that they didn’t make the playoffs. You’d think that he expected them to be Stanley Cup winners this season or something the way he was going on about not making the playoffs).

Well, that makes things pretty for me. I can take heart in that no matter what happens to my Habs (and if things go the way they did last night then we should be okay), the stinky Sens will not be in the playoffs to gloat at us.

However, they can make themselves useful in a few ways. 1) they will be playing Buffalo and a nice big fat win over the Sabres would be nice. C’mon! You’ve got years of hate between you two 2) they’ll be playing Philly and a win there could be nice but isn’t really expected or required 3) they will finish off with a game against the Leafs and a nice LOSS would be good to keep the Leafs out of the bottom and therefore out of a really good draft pick spot. 4) they can LOSE to us!

Either way, I dont’ care about them anymore as long as they lose to us, because they won’t be making the playoffs!

Ah, my day just got a lot nicer.

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