I’ve been dying to have a Crosby voodoo doll and so I finally decided to make one. Keep in mind that I don’t know hot to use a sewing machine very well. I just got one and as sad at this may sound, this is actually the first thing that I’ve sewn with it. Yeah, one day when I’m totally amazing at this sewing thing I’ll look back and go “Omg… I can’t believe the first thing I ever made with this machine was a Crosby voodoo doll.” Anyway..A few things you should know first

  1. Doll patterns don’t come with big butts. Just saying for those of you on Twitter who commented that the voodoo needed to have a big butt in order to be realistic.
  2. Yes those pants are custom made (there seems to be a joke running around that the real Crosby needs to get his pants custom made…)
  3. I’ve always wanted to say that I knocked the stuffing out of Crosby. Now I can say I’ve done it because I had to take his brains out so I could put his eyes in….
  4. His head is so big I had to stick a pin it in to keep it from rolling off. The voodoo doll, I mean.
  5. Speaking of his head… He has Pavel Datsyuk turnip head because I can’t sew in a circle. He was supposed to ears too but my lack of sewing skills got in the way of that.
  6. Yes, I know the real Crosby keeps his hair a lot…. neater…. My glue-gun stopped working half way through so he’s left with messy hair.
  7. No, the voodoo thing doesn’t have a mouth. I couldn’t make one big enough to be realistic….
  8. I know I copped out and used pen to decorate the shirt. If it’s any consolation, the pen died on me too….
  9. Yes, that is MY Habs pillow that I forced someone to make for me. I did do the logo by hand which was when I swore that I’d buy a machine
  10. I have an insane desire to make one of Scott Hartnell now….It’s the hair I think…..Then again, someone mentioned something about Briere….. I dunno if I could sew something that small though *g* If I ever get good a this, I am SO making a little Ovie plushie…. I’ll practice on the Flyers for now though =) (does making Flyers voodoo dolls count as being mean to them or do I have to wait until the playoffs start before I make them??)

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  1. Grrrreg says:

    Oh my god, this is AWESOME! I love how pissed he looks.Bravo!Oh, and your habs pillow rocks too…

  2. Justin says:

    The pants thing isn’t a joke, haha. He literally needs to have his pants custom made. Otherwise, he’d either need to buy pants that fit his waist (and not be able to get them up past his thighs/ass) or buy pants with a huge waist and cinch them up with a belt and look ridiculous.w/v dionizi: What the Panthers have been up to.

  3. HabsTwit says:

    Brilliantly evil! Well done!

  4. Grrreg – =) thank you! He’s ticked off because Ovie scored =p Justin – There you are! I was beginning to wonder where you’ve gotten to…. Anyway… yeah…. Big butt = difficult to find pants…. =pHabs Twit – YES! I’m brilliantly evil today! YES! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I’M NO LONGER “QUAZI-EVIL”! I mean… thank you =)

  5. Justin says:

    Actually, that’s a lot like the expression he had on his face after Derian Hatcher knocked his front teeth out with a (non-called) high stick. That’s the game that started the “he plays better when he’s pissed off” legend, because he came back and scored twice after he got some work done in the locker room. :p

  6. But my guy doesn’t have a mouth let alone teeth… So he’s mad that Ovie scored =p

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