We got a w-w-w-w-win…. What’s that word again? Just kidding. The Habs stomped on the Thrashers tonight in a lovely manner if I do say so myself. Okay so I’ll be honest and say that I was actually following three games tonight. Yeah, I had the Hammies on the radio and was furiously flipping between the Habs/Thrashers and the Caps/Leafs game. The stupidest moment came when I had changed the channel without realizing it and I saw Price on the ice and I was like “Who the heck is that? Oh…. really? Oh…. Oops…..” Hmm.. insane AND stupid… hmm…. ANYWAY…..

Carey vs Kari

  • didn’t look too promising at the start. While the Habs got a really awesome goal from Tanguay (like Ovie awesome) the Thrashers responded pretty quickly afterwards. Still, it was only 1-1 going into the second.
  • I prepared myself for another round of sloppy seconds but as it turned out, the only ones having a sloppy second was the Caps. I believe it was Metro who scored first but I was squealing over Ovie’s goal so I kind of missed it…. I know… I know… I saw Kovalchuk (or some Thrasher dude) score and wasn’t pleased. But then… what was this? The Habs exploded! It was like… 2-2… 3-2….4-2….5-2…..?!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt like three goals in a row all on the powerplay but I’m not sure if that’s what it was. I was too busy running around like an idiot. I can’t even tell you who scored. Felt like Kovalev and Koivu though. Maybe someone else scored? Maybe not. Tanguay maybeh? WHATEVER! When was the last time they even got a goal in the second period??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Third period! I missed someone scoring (Koivu?) because I was screaming at Semin being a twerp and not scoring on a freaking open net so….. I did see the Thrashers third goal…. No wait…. I missed it… I was screaming at Leafs… But whatever!!!!! I came back and watched the Habs continue to play. They failed to score that elusive 7th goal but I won’t cry too much.

Random notes

  • It may be “just the Thrashers” but crappy teams exist so better teams can get points out of them. Also there was so much that I liked from the Habs. For the most part they kept up the pressure and they played like the freaking cared. They cared!
  • Exhibit A in players who cared: Kovy got knocked down. I think it was supposed to be a knee on knee collision with his someone which actually looked awfully like a Thrasher hooking… Whatever. Kovy goes down, gets back up, gets the puck and angrily shoots it at Kari Whoselastnameican’tspellrightnow. He hit the post. But it was funny to see him mad. Now if he could just stop hitting the post…..
  • Exhibit B: Kovy later takes the puck and rips it at Kari. You’d think he was trying to take his head off or something.
  • Their best guys played well – note: Breezer does not count as our best guy.
  • Fine… so the Kostitsyn brothers an Pleky looked a little quiet but they weren’t totally useless tonight.
  • Did we actually outshoot the Thrashers? Or at the very least, get more shots on goal tonight than we had all of last week? I dunno…. it felt like we may just have gotten more shots on goal tonight….
  • Pricey wasn’t a sieve and in fact made some nice saves!
  • Fine.. so it could have been worse if the Thrashers knew how to shoot in a straight line. We’re focusing on the GOOD stuff tonight, got it? not MY fault if the Thrashers never learned how to shoot the puck properly.
  • Oh and Zach Bogosian likes our penalty box. He was in it a lot.
  • Gorges got whacked and was limping around and yet he still stayed on the ice while the Habs tried to kill of a powerplay. Yay for you Gorges! I think….
  • Is it just me or is Tom Kostopoulos totally incapable of hitting anything smaller than a dump truck with the puck? He is perpetually missing the net by a huge margin…..He’s evidently quite capable of hitting people with his fist but you don’t score goals that way……
  • Big lesson learned today: Don’t assume that it’s going to be an icing call when you go for the puck. Breezer, I’m looking at you. It’s bad. Why? Well, one you just stand there and get the puck taken off of you. And two, you could end up like Dandeneault and end up with a broken arm. Although in Breezer’s case… maybe that’s not a bad idea….. Hmm….. Never mind then….
  • Oh and…. Komisarek… dude… TSN just reshowed you “sticking up for Price”… and great gesture and everything… but umm… if you’re going to flatten a guy for stomping on your goalie, please don’t hit him while your goalie is UNDERNEATH the guy. It hurts the goalie. Points for sticking up for the goalie though. You should have been doing that all year long.
  • And we’re pretending that it’s not a coincidence that poor Kristin went back to Philly and the Habs are back to winning again. I keep telling her to watch the Pens so they can start losing but she won’t listen to me *g*

Are we safe yet? Not by a long country mile. But if there’s one thing that i’ve learned with this team it’s you live in the moment. Tomorrow they may lose 20-2. But tonight they won 6-3 and they looked like a team who cared and wanted to win. So enjoy it Habs fans and tell the media to go stuff it.

HAMMIES vs Rampage…Sounded awfully like it was the Hammies on the rampage tonight….

  • I missed most of their game actually because the dad insisted on making phone calls and wanted the sound off buuuuuuuuuut………
  • I did hear two of Ben Maxwell’s THREE goals. YES! That’s how you come back after a guy in the previous game whacks you upside the head with your own helmet…..
  • I did hear Marc Denis making a lot of really good saves
  • I did hear someone getting the Hammies 4th and 6th goal
  • I missed Pacioretty scoring. And I missed them announcing his two assists. Yeah, he’s really sulking about being sent back…. NOOOT! I’m sulking for missing his goal though….
  • I missed San Antonio’s one goal. Not complaining.
  • Nice way to come back from a loss the other night for the Hammies!


Caps vs Major Losers… I mean… Maple Leafs

  • Who’s the sucky one tonight? Eh? Eh?! CAPS!
  • Ovie had a beautiful goal and then promptly didn’t score……
  • Leafs had two sucky goals and thought that they had won in regulation when…..
  • Caps pulled Theodore, brought in Laich and guess who scored? Laich. Gerber food was angry and smot…. smot…. did I just type “smot”…..? hmm… what is the pest tense of “smite” then? “Smited”? “Smitten”? I like “smot”. Well, anyway, he poked the ref in his anger and got tossed out of the game after trying to hit him with the puck. Oopsies.
  • Sadly, Cujo came in a ran the Caps out of town.
  • Like seriously… the Caps need to do a lot better in the shootout… You’d think with all their talent they’d have at least one guy who could score on the shootout…. yeah right. Backstrom got stopped, whoever was next missed the damn net, and Ovie…. he needs to stop this whole shootout thing…. he’s not good at it…..You’d think Mr. 50-goal-scorer could be good at this. But nopers. He’s not good. YES I’M ANGRY AT YOU OVIE! LOSING TO THE DAMN LEAFS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAH!
  • Note: Apparently the Caps do score in the shootouts. Hmm.. I guess they save all of their bad stuff for me then…..

Me vs the Media

  • Hey… SHUT THE HECK UP, OKAY? Great! Thanks! I don’t give a damn if the Thrashers are supposed to be “an easy team”. A win is a win at this time of year regardless of which teams are playing. Go stuff it.
  • And really… RDS… don’t stop showing Gainey’s press thingy right when he was about to talk about Pricey…. that’s just…… a pain…..and you guys blabbing on and on and on about nothing important afterwords is even more of a pain.
  • James Duthie… Did I ever tell you how much you annoy me? Well, you are, so stuff it, please.
  • TSN…. please stop being biased in the Leafs favor. It’s a pain.
  • Announcer dude on TSN. You’re funny. I can’t take you seriously for some reason. I dunno why. You’re funny though. Even if you can’t say people’s names right….
  • Dude on the NHL who was announcing when I saw the highlights of the Habs game… You don’t like us, do you? My guys get the BEST goals ever and you’re like “Kovalev with the puck….. he shoots……..score…. *snores*”. Seriously man…….. AND THEN! Kovalchuk gets the puck, dumps Komisaurus, goes in on Pricey and Pricey stops him and you go? “LOOK AT THAT SHOT BY ILYA KOVALCHUK! THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A GOAL!”…Someone should really stuff a sock down your throat…. Oh! How about the sock puppet called Grabs? =)
  • EVERYONE: Let’s say it together now. On three. One. Two. Three. “Alexander AH-vechkin. AHvechkin.” OHvechkin doesn’t exist. He doesn’t exist. So please stop saying that.Please. Please. Please.

Quote of the day: Announcer guy from TSN after Rollie the Goalie saved the puck with his face: “Roloson shakes off the cobwebs after taking a hit to his pumpkin”. Well… his mask does have orange bits on it… =p

Hahahahhaa… am I hyped or what? I need to go relax now… Wings vs Oilers are on now.. .That should be a bit of a snoozer….

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3 Responses to AHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Number31 says:

    Woo!Oh there was more snarky media on CTV news. BAH! That guy’s eye kept twitching. I wonder if he was thinking the win wasn’t real or if the game he saw was all a dream. And then snarky Gagnon brought out his numbers to put us down. Numbers are numbers, but on-ice play is all that matters. I hate sports media…

  2. Grrrreg says:

    win win win win win!!! what a nice little word! Yes it was Atlanta, but I don’t give a damn, let’s just enjoy this one…

  3. They’re always snarky on CTV…. You can always come up with some figures that make a team look bad….Meh… I think we should put them on the ice and the players can use them as target practice….Grrrreg – I was enjoying that one very muchly in case it wasn’t beyond obvious *G*

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