If Gillet sells the Habs, here’s how I’m going to buy them

  1. First, I’ll make some company thing that will bring in millions of dollars. I’m thinking better golf courses around Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. We don’t have too many really expensive ones that would attract all those rich and bored hockey players. Anyway, once the post-season hits, I’ll instantly be a multi-millionaire.
  2. With said money, I’ll then go to Bettman tell him that I have no intention of buying Nashville with the not-so-secret desire of moving it to Ontario (like Ontario really needs another bad hockey team?). That will instantly gain me a lot of brownie points. I’ll then go on about how great an idea it was to bring in the shootouts, and how wonderful it is to bring hockey to places like Texas and Arizona even though they don’t get any snow. I’ll then conclude that making Sidney Crosby the face of the NHL after locking everyone out for a year, was a fantastic idea.
  3. After convincing Bettman and Co that I truly am the only one who can take over this team, I’ll then take over the team. Tada. Easy.
  4. And once I’m the supreme owner of the Canadiens, I will move on and plot my way into being the supreme ruler of the NHL. Bwahahahahahahaha……….

Hmm yeah… It’s that pre-caffeine hour again……Habs Twit has a few ideas on what to do once we get a hold of the team. Obviously someone had their caffeine before they wrote their morning blog post.

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3 Responses to If Gillet sells the Habs, here’s how I’m going to buy them

  1. HabsTwit says:

    your plan is both simple, and quazi-evil. I love it.

  2. Grrrreg says:

    This is brilliant. And I think the part where you convince Bettman you’re a suitable potential owner could actually work. But just to be sure, you could add that you love how much faster the players seem to skate since they wear those wonderful reebok edge jerseys. And that versus is the best network ever.Well, maybe not that last part, this would be pushing a little too far…

  3. HabsTwit – only quazi-evil? =( Just you wait until I unveil my plans for taking over the NHL and what I will do as it’s supreme ruler. Bwahahahaha…… Grrrreg – ah yeah, the jerseys. I’m not sure that even Bettman can agree that Versus is the best network though =p

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