Refs help make it 5-4 for Sens

Someone should tell the Refs what a penalty is. And someone should tell the Habs how to win a faceoff. Two phantom penalties and one absolutely crap goal gave the Sens a 3-1 lead after the first period and they never looked back. The Habs made an effort in the second and third period to make it 4-2, 4-3, and 5-4 but they never caught the Sens. They put up a fight in the third period but as we keep learning this year, one good period doesn’t make for a win. It really was in so many ways a game of “ifs”…

  • If the Refs hadn’t been blind and stupid then the Sens wouldn’t have gotten two powerplays in which they scored on
  • If the Habs had learned how to win a faceoff then maybe they wouldn’t have gotten scored on twice in a row anyway
  • If the Habs hadn’t let the Sens run over them they maybe they would have scored more or at least reduced the amount of quality scoring chances by the Sens
  • if the Refs hadn’t given the Sens a goal that looked not only offside but highsticked in as well, then they would only have lead 2-1 after the first period
  • If the defense hadnt tried to imitate a sieve than maye they wouldn’t have let those goals in
  • If Price hadn’t let in a stinker to make it 4-2 then maybe he wouldn’t have been pulled and people wouldn’t be screaming at him
  • If Halak had stopped that goal then maybe the Habs would have been able to stay in the game
  • If Halak AND Price hadn’t stopped several breakaways then the score would be 10-5 for the Sens
  • If the Habs had actually shot the puck more than maybe they would have tied the game
  • If they had kept the puck in the Sens net during their PP then maybe they would have scored
  • If Kovy, Pleky and AK46 had actually played the way that they are capable of then maybe we would have seen more goals for the Habs
  • If the Habs hadn’t passed nobody half the time then maybe they could have created more chances
  • If the Habs’ hadn’t broken their sticks or hadn’t gone flying around on the ice like penguins at the most inconvinient times then maybe things would have gone otherwise
  • If the Habs hadn’t lost so many games already then maybe I would actually care and be angry that they lost tonight

The who, what, where, why, when bit…

  • Who is this Latendresse guy out there? Wow. He was on fire tonight! I don’t remember seeing him like this too many times before he was injured.
  • What the hell were the refs thinking by allowing that 3rd Sens goal count? The guy was about to make a call and then he had to go back and chat some more with the guy?
  • Where were Kovy, Pleky and AK46? They were MIA tonight. Frankly, most guys seemed MIA.
  • Why can’t people stop bashing the goalies for a loss?
  • When are the Habs going to win a game?


YAY FOR OVIE GETTING HIS FIFIETH GOAL OF THE YEAR! (and if Don Cherry is going to make a comment about Ovie’s celebration then I will scream. If I had scored 50 goals in a season then I would be celebrating a heck of a lot more than Ovie did tonight. No whining!).

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3 Responses to Refs help make it 5-4 for Sens

  1. Grrrreg says:

    If the Habs’ hadn’t broken their sticks or hadn’t gone flying around on the ice like penguins at the most inconvinient times then maybe things would have gone otherwiseWell these days, I wouldn’t mind seeing the habs play as well as the penguins! ;)

  2. Number31 says:

    That’s a lot of Ifs!Players should go back to old wooden sticks. These composites are expensive crap. Oh I wonder if Spezza was still using his illegal stick ;p

  3. Can’t argue with you there, Grrreg… *kicks Spezza*

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