Should I be embarrassed?

The last time I was at the Bell Center was over ten years ago when I went to see Disney on Ice….Yeah, the same show that ruined the ice for the Habs/Oilers game. Well, anyway, I’m about to fix that and I shall be at the game tonight! Whahoo. If only the Islanders could play like the dead last team that they are and lose nicely… I shall be happy. Then again, it’s Yann Danis in nets and I’m guessing that he’ll be making a big effort tonight considering he was a prospect for the Habs and all that jazz….I wonder if the crowd will boo Streit or Koivu more?

While I’m squinting down at the ice trying to follow the action, several other important games will be happening.

  • Caps/Flyers. Obviously I’m hoping that Ovechkin and Co will get the job done in Flyers country (sorry Kristin!). An OT win over Nashville isn’t exactly what I call inspiring and they need to get their act together right now. Yes, I’m looking at the crappy defense and the often less than stellar goaltending……..And when was the last time Mr. Ovie scored?! Feels like a long time now…..But the Caps need to win, not just for my sake, but for the Habs sake too. C’moooon, Ooviiieeee……
  • Pens/Jackets. Steve Mason needs to continue to kill teams and he needs to beat the Penguins tonight. It’s really vital because the Pens are only one point behind the Habs. Plus, it’s time for the Puffles to go down.
  • Stars/Hurricanes. Hey Turco, is it really asking too much for you not to screw up on a clearing attempt or whatever and not get scored on in a stupid manner?! Stars must beat the Hurricanes for the same reason that the Penguins must lose. Plus, I don’t like Eric Staal. And Cam Ward bugs me too.
  • Panthers/Sabres. What’s a Sabre anyway? Are they referring to the long dead animal or the tooth? We either have a panther versus a dead animal or a panther versus a tooth. Huh. Either way the Panthers have to lose.
  • Rangers/Predators… Well, Rangers have to lose too.
  • Oh and some teams called Boston and Ottawa are playing… Guess who’s going to win that one?

So basically everyone but the Habs need to lose tonight… what are the chances? If I really had to pick, I’d settle for the Capitals and the Blue Jackets winning… and the Stars….

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One Response to Should I be embarrassed?

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Ooh, I missed your post, you must already be at the centre bell now. Well, I hope the game will be awesome!

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