No matter how you look at it, I’m going to die here..

It was one thing to lose to a Flames team that allegedly has a chance at the Cup. Crap 6-1 loss to the Hurricanes tonight or not, the Flames can play very well. It’s another thing to lose to Boston and Washington….It hurts like hell, but they’re both very talented teams and I can almost “okay” a loss to the Caps….



The Habs have done everything in their power to make crappy teams look good this season. The other night they made Lalime look like Patrick Roy out there in Buffalo. Tonight, they made the Thrashers look like the Bruins or the Sharks on the PK when in reality they’re ranked dead freaking last. Offense was deader than the doornails that I bashed into my wall to hold my pretty posters, defense didn’t look terribly horrible only because it’s the dull Thrashers we’re talking about – mind you, Kovalchuk looked great. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a Capital….He’d be way better off over there. If we forced him to be play right wing then he could play on the same line as Ovie and Backstrom…and then all the Caps would have to do is steal themselves a good defenseman…and then they could cream Boston…..well, maybe they’d need a good goalie too…. but yeah…. a line with Ovie, Backstrom and Kovalchuk would be cool…. *day dreams* Oh wait… where was I? Oh yeah. The PP sucked, the PK worked all but once but then again, it’s the Thrashers. The amount of penalties was ridiculous. Price actually played a solid game but got burned because his team couldnt’ score. Poor Pricey just can’t catch a break this season….

Oh and the Habs have found a new way to torture their fans: Death by Snoozefest. Thanks. I was going to die of embarrassment but I think I’ll just die of boredom instead. Whoopie.

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One Response to No matter how you look at it, I’m going to die here..

  1. Number31 says:

    I’d rather see Kovalchuk on a line with Kovalev. Kovy/Pleky/Kovy line? Caps don’t need another Ovechkin. Share!

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