I thought February was over?

That was brutal. No other words for it. Brutal. And I look like an idiot for what I said before (even if I maintain what I said).

  • Habs actually dominated for the first 14 mins then called it a night
  • defense was terrible
  • offense went to sleep after a while
  • Gorges goes in the bad books along with Brisebois tonight
  • Price looked shaky. I expected that given the fact that he hasn’t played a lot. But I wasn’t necessarily expecting or hoping for THAT kind of performance….Look, he wasn’t awful and I doubt that Halak could have continued to steal game after game for the Habs anyway…. but still…. there’s something really wrong with Price….
  • Powerplay was back to sucking again
  • Penalty kill was awful
  • Vanek joined the fishbowl club. I think Alfredsson is still president of that club though.
  • This is sounding like February again.
  • Lalime keeps reminding of me limes
  • RDS actually drove me away to TSN……
  • …which then drove me back to RDS when the announcers behaved like idiots….
  • …but then I went back to TSN because Benoit Brunet drove me up the wall….
  • So I was stuck without a good station to sit through the awful game….

I could waste my time b****ing about this or I could just admit that I have nothing really to be upset with given how wonderful my day was otherwise. So while my hockey life sucks majorly and wants to go off and die, the rest of my life is great right now so I can’t whine too much.

And of course there’s always rule number four in the world of the Habs fan: When you’re mad at your team, diss the Leafs. It always works. So the Leafs have four goalies now. Do you think they’ll ask to put all four of them on the ice to try to stop Ovechkin tomorrow? Which begs the question… how many goalies does it take to stop Ovechkin?

…*kicks Habs* thanks for embarrassing me and everyone else who is even in the least bit associated with you.

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6 Responses to I thought February was over?

  1. Number31 says:

    Someone forgot to tell the guys the game started at 7:30 instead of 10.

  2. kristin says:

    Happy Birthday by the way…I think it’s still technically your birthday. Sorry the Habs couldn’t pull out a W for you. Or not suck.

  3. *sniffles* here’s hoping that they don’t completely embarrass everyone and actually win against Atlanta…

  4. Number31 says:

    OH! Sorry. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Justin says:

    I’m upset about that one, too, for what it’s worth. :(

  6. No. 31, thank you!Justin, I guess the Habs just aren’t in the mood to help the Penguins…. =(

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