I’m still in shock here (I just wrote “shark” instead of “shock”). I can’t believe that the Habs just beat the Sharks 3-2. In regulation time too. And after coming off a win last night in Philly…. wow…

I think I was in shock from the beginning, I guess, considering the Habs scored 3 goals in the first period. Markov got one when the Habs got their first and only powerplay. Gorges is finally not cursed when he scores a goal and he got went when D’Agostini did all the work getting the puck to the net. I really liked D’Agostini and Pacioretty tonight. And Koivu got a very nice goal when Boucher got caught way out of his net. Teaches him to stay put in his net.

I was not expecting that at all and I was just waiting for the Sharks to burst my bubble. They didn’t totally disappoint. Within the first three minutes of the second period the Sharks got two goals. One on the powerplay courtesy of Komisarek and one 50 seconds later in some other fashion. Now THAT was the San Jose team that I was expecting in the first period. I wasn’t happy to say the least and I spent the rest of the game freaking out and wondering when they’d score another fifty goals. Obviously they didn’t and now I’m ready to go off and do my stick people. I forgot to do some for the Philly game mainly because I was too busy yelling at Niittymaki….even after the game had ended… hehehe….

Things I liked

  • WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • HAAALAAAAAAK! When will people stop dissing him? I know that the first goal against him was rather icky and the second wasn’t pretty but at the end of the night he stopped 46 out of 48 shots against the top team in the league. That’s good, right? Right.
  • D’Agostini and Pacioretty looked good, I thought.
  • I liked that Gorges scored and that the Habs didn’t lose. When he scored I was like “Oh crap… we’re going to lose because whenever he scores, nobody notices because the Habs always lose”. Congrats dude!
  • Not quitting. Yes, I’m still dwelling on all those games that could have been won if the Habs had just tried to stay in the game…. *twitches*
  • Limited penalties. Granted the refs missed some on both sides but still… there were very few called because there were very few instanced when people did stupid things that would warrant a penalty. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Habs had take as many penalties as they did against Philly? *twitches at the mere thought*
  • I’m trying to think of something else but my brain is frozen….

Things I didn’t like

  • effort in the second period. Momentum went the way of the dodo and the Sharks immediately took control of the game and I was doing my best not to rip out my hair….
  • defense…. horrible…..*twitches*
  • Hey, Carbo, guess what? Sitting on leads is never a good idea. Especially when it’s against the Sharks!!! I hope he quits that idea of trying to sit on a lead right now….
  • Komisarek’s penalty that lead to the Sharks first goal……You mister, need to work on your game. And fast.
  • getting outshot 48 to 21. While this IS the Sharks, it’s still sad *twitches*
  • Thornton saying that the Habs couldn’t “handle” and didn’t know how to “play” the Sharks. Oh please… You may be “big and strong” and whatever else you said, but c’mon…You played like crap in the first period, Habs played well, Habs take 3 goals on your icky looking goalie (who at least had the decency to admit that Halak was amazing), Habs then fell asleep and you took over. Habs falling asleep is what they do best. It’s not the Sharks being good. It’s the Habs being dozy. And despite being dozy they still beat you….Get over it….! Man, I think I just dumped the Sharks as my Western Conference team to cheer for in the playoffs. I hope they lose in the first round ^__^ Why can’t the top teams stop being arrogant twerps and admit that another team did well? Even *I* will grudgingly admit it if I think another team does well (please note that the Toronto Maple Leafs do not and will not count as an NHL team in my eyes). See side for comments by Claude Julien about the Caps. GAH! *twitches*

I’m sure there’s more stuff but I’ve forgotten in my excitement….

Enemy watch:

  • Stinky Sens lost in OT to the Maple Losers. I’m very pleased.
  • Kovalchuk beat the Hurricanes. I’m uber pleased with this.
  • Rangers ruined my life by beating the Avs 6-1. Congrats on the win, Torts.
  • Islanders blanked the Sabres. Yes, I just said “Islanders” and “blanked” in the same sentence with the Islanders being the “doer” as supposed to the recipient. I guess the Sabres are in bigger trouble than we thought…
  • Semin sunk the Big Bad Bruins in OT in what most people are calling a “flukey goal”. Habs fans are calling it “Tim Thomas returns to the way he used to play last year” and thoroughly congratulate the Caps for beating the Bruins.
  • Devils decimated the Panthers 7-2 in one sided game (put it this way, Brodeur should be ashamed of himself for only stopping 15 of 17 shots while Anderson faced a whopping 46 shots. What is this? The Habs vs just about any other team?!). Brodeur fails to earn his 100th shutout. Only the Devils fans are crying.
  • Not that I generally care about Detroit, but right now they’re losing 8-0 to Nashville…. I don’t even know where to start on this one… Edit: 8-0 win for the Preds. Un-bloody-believable. So glad I don’t cheer for the Red Wings… that’s just…. wow… I mean… wow…LOSERS!
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7 Responses to EAT THAT SHARKS!

  1. That win along with wins by the Thrashers, Isles, and Devils should basically punch your ticket to the postseason. Better than 98% chance, let’s put it that way, and that’s good enough for even a wuss like me to bet on it. :pEven that win by the Rangers tonight isn’t going to do them much good. They appeared to be screwed six ways to Sunday. 6th in the East, but only a 38.3% chance of making the playoffs. Ouch!

  2. I hope you’re right. The Habs never cease to amaze me in their ability to lose a game. But hopefully they’re back on track now! I’m sowwy about the Pens. I’ve been hearing a lot about Ray Shero and how he’s as much to blame for this as any of the coaches were….

  3. kristin says:

    -Dagger looked really good out there.-the announcers were sooooooooo pro-Sharks that it wasn’t even funny. CBC hates the Habs? Should I know this information?-I kept waiting for Breezer to mess things up, but Carbo kept him off the ice for most of the third, so that was helpful.-I really can’t believe they won. Yay Jaro!-I love this team!!!!

  4. kristin says:

    Also, if Kovalev had scored on that little spin move, I would have died!

  5. Number31 says:

    Thornton’s a tool. Sharks have barely scored 2 goals in each of their games this past week. Teams like the Sens, or the injury riddled Stars…Only team I watch in the West is the Stars. But only because I love Turco. And, well, I love Modo and Morrow (injured! boo!). The rest I couldn’t care less for (especially Mickey Ribs). Though now that Begin is there, he’s on my Stars list. Evenutally, Jancevski the Bulldog might join them. Wee~

  6. CBC hates the Habs, yes. They’re so pro-Maple Losers that people call “Hockey Night in Canada” “Hockey Night in Toronto” because they really only like to play the Maple Losers. I’m amazed that the Habs even made it on the TV when the Maple Losers were making the Sens look like idiots….Maybe they were being smart and broadcasted the Habs game for the peeps over here while they subjected the rest of the country to the Maple Losers/Sens game. I think the reason why they only broadcast Maple Loser games is because they want to pump up the self esteem of the fans from the rest of the country who go for much better teams. Just remember: No matter how bad your team is, the Maple Losers are worse. They’ve been sucking for the last 40 some odd years. It makes the Habs woes of not winning the Cup since ’93 look like they only won it last year. It’s great. Ahem. Yes, Kovy should’ve scored…That would have been amazing…

  7. Grrrreg says:

    Wow, what a week! We habs fans really deserved it after what we went through in february…I’m sooo happy for Gorges.And Halak. Oh, Halak, thank you so much for saving the habs season!Also, sorry pghblackandgold, but I have to say I’m not sad at all for the penguins. I really liked them last year, but for some reason I find them particularly obnoxious this season…

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