Crosby’s killing my love for the Pens


I’m serious. He’s the single reason why I’m not liking them anymore….*sniffles* Ovie just decimated the Pens and Sid was so grumpy and immature about it. He got all upset because Ovie gave him a little push and he freaked out. And then he started whining about it after the game…Bah… I felt so bad for Fleury because he was quite frankly awful and he could have used a little more help (yes, Pens that means you stop beating up on Ovie and start trying to keep the rest of the Caps from scoring!)It wasn’t that Theodore was better by the bucket load or anything. He was just lucky that the Caps played a lot better defense and were mowing down everything in their path while they were on the offense. On the other hand, having Garon and Theodore out there at the same time was funny because they both played together here in Montreal (anyone else want our ex-goalies?!)…Fun game to watch anyway.

I like youtube.

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