Saturday morning ramble

First sign that the world has turned upside down. It’s Saturday and that usually means hockey. Today, I’m quite hyped about the game today. No, not the Stinky Sens vs. the Listless Habbies. I’m talking about Vancouver vs the Maple Losers. I know, I know…. I’m horrid…. but…but…but… if the Canucks behave nicely then they’ll decimate the Leafs and there’s nothing I like more than watching the Leafs lose. Except to see the Habs win but umm, I have a feeling that I’m going to get embarrassed beyond belief today. Anyway… Hey Sundin, I may for about two second, actually like you. For two seconds only. Maybe.

Second sign that the world has turned upside down. Anyone else see/hear the Hammies beating in the Marlies aka the baby Leafnuts last night? Hammies almost own the Marlies this season… Whoopie for the Hammies! Sergei, unfortunately failed to score…..C’mon Sergei…. show everyone that you’re not the off-ice-partying nutcase that everyone thinks you are.

Third sign that the…etc…. Flyers vs Pens. Love you Pens (hate you Crosby) but for the sake of all Habs fans out there, please lose Pens. Yes, I said, please win Flyers. Wow….sowwy Pens…..

Fourth sign etc, etc…Avs smacked Ovechkin and the Caps upside the head and win 4-1 last night. Ovie didn’t score and didn’t even get a point. And this is coming from the guy who just scored what many are saying is the goal of the century? C’mon, Ovie…. you gotta back that goal up with something at least half as impressive…. sheesh….

Did you know….That of the four teams that went off to Europe last year, three have fired their coaches? If you remember that far back the Sens, Pens, Lightning and Rangers all went to play in front of a bunch of people who had no clue who they were. As you know, Barry Melrose, Hartsburg and Therrien are now jobless. Well, actually, Melrose isn’t jobless technically, but since when does talking about hockey for ESPN count as a job? Anyway, Renney could be next if the Rangers continue on this path of horrendousness. Isn’t that fun?

Fiftieth sign that the Habs are imploding…Kovalev appears to have been sick with something for a while now. He didn’t tell anyone up until… Bad Kovy. FREAKING TELL SOMEONE IF YOU’VE GOT A PHYSICAL PROBLEM! Bad Kovy….. very bad Kovy…..Who do you think you are? Roger Federer?! And look what happened to him last year…. Sheesh…..

Fifty-first sign that the Habs are imploding: Andrei and Hamrlik didn’t get to talk to the hordes of media peeps that invaded the practice center. That’s not cool. They should have been able to say something, yes? Even if it was a “I’d rather not comment” type of thing. Hiding ’em won’t save them from the media….

Fifty-second sign that the Habs are imploding: My relative (Section 311) says that the Habs are looking like the Sens last year. What’s next, someone will accuse the Habs of turning into the Leafnuts? The shame and horror of it all….!

And finally……

My dream day: Flyers edge out Pens. Habs decimate Sens. Canucks decimate Leafs. How hard is it for that to happen?!

What will probably happen: Flyers decimate Pens. Sens decimate Habs. Leafs edge out Canucks…… *sighs*

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2 Responses to Saturday morning ramble

  1. Grrrreg says:

    I don’t know wether I’m simply optimistic or completely delusional, but I think Kovalev will play like a crazy man today. And hopefully the team will be pissed off after this whole media debacle and will want to kick some asses.

  2. As long as Kovy doesn’t drop dead from whatever’s ailing him…. But yes, I’m hoping that the team will want to go out and kick the Sens back to Ottawa…..

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