Random look at the goalies playing today

So I’m still looking to kill time before the puck drops but I figured that I’d at least do something interesting and look at who’s in nets today. I just noticed that some of my favorite and absolutely least favorite goalies are playing today.

Halak’s getting the start today. I got to see him live when I went to Sensville and since then I’ve quite fallen in love with watching him play. If we’re lucky he’ll put up a good performance and the rest of the Habs will follow him. I’ll keep on maintaining until he messes up badly that he’s been solid for them on most nights and most of his losses haven’t been totally his fault.

Haven’t got a clue who’s in nets for the Sens but I”m thinking that it’s not whoever was in nets against the Canucks *g*

Fleury is currently enjoying a lot of success as the Pens are now up 3-1 over the Biron and the Flyers. Fleury has to be one of my favorite goalies for no real reason whatsoever so it’s nice to see him doing well….even if the game is going the way I didn’t want it to happen…On the other hand, I’m actually taking some delight in seeing Biron struggling big time. Serves him right for randomly being amazing during the playoffs against the listless Habs. When will the Flyers figure out that his performance in the playoffs was a bit of a fluke and that they need to find themselves a solid goalie?

And my least favorite goalie is also going to play tonight. Vesa will take on Sundin and the creepy twins in Toronto tonight. If Chris Osgood is the falling goalie and Tim Thomas is the flailing goalie, then Vesa Toskala has to be the goalie who forgot how big the net is. The amount of times I’ve seen him leave the net half open or actually fall completely out of the crease is crazy. I still think that Ron Wilson should put Luke Schenn in as the goalie. He does a lot better job of stopping the puck….

Ahem… Habs are about to play. Richards just scored a shorthanded goal on Fleury. Poor Fleury…

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2 Responses to Random look at the goalies playing today

  1. Another game where the score was closer than the game looked on the ice. A shortie off a bad turnover and two goals that came as direct results of broken sticks. Of course, the Pens had that one goal where Biron deemed it necessary to throw the puck while at the top of the circles, have it get stuck in his glove, fall at his feet and end up in the net. But that was stupidity, not luck. He should have just taken the minor penalty and hoped for a kill.

  2. I was listening to some of it on the radio and the announcer dude said that the Flyers were pretty listless throughout most of the second period…

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