Am I cursed or something?

^ meant to put that up before…. don’t ask why Pleky has a turnip for a head… No one ever said I could draw a circle….

You know, I watch the Habs for the first time ever last April and while they won the first game I saw, it went to OT and they lost the next one. They finally squeaked through past Boston and got dumped by the Flyers. Before my second choice of Pittsburgh got dumped by the Red Wings, Team Canada lost the gold medal game of the world championship thanks to Kovalchuk.

Fast forward to Euro Cup and my first choices of Portugal, Croatia and the Netherlands all get kicked out – fine, so Croatia and the Netherlands were never expected to do anything great anyway. What’s Christiano Ronaldo’s excuse? My fourth choice in Spain actually won but they weren’t expected to do that….

Zip ahead to the tennis season and just about every guy in the top ten except for Rafael Nadal loses their matches when I watch them for the first time. Federer, Djokovic, Davydenko, Ferrer, Nalbandian.. etc…. I then turn Federer into my favorite guy to watch and BAM he’s lost a lot of matches to people that he shouldn’t have lost to and lost some real heart breakers to guys he could have beaten.

And NOW the Habs who did well for themselves last year, have gone a major losing spree coupled with some overblown “scandals” and will probably be heading for the golf courses soon. Oh and the Penguins could be joining them too. AND Toronto got themselves a decent GM and head coach.

Is there something wrong with me here? Is every team or guy I follow bound for crappiness? Should I go off and be a Flyers fan now so they can lose too? *wails*

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4 Responses to Am I cursed or something?

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Netherland and Croatia were good choices. But Portugal?? PORTUGAL?? I have to disagree here. I hate this team.

  2. *g* What can I say? I had no clue about football at the time!

  3. Number31 says:

    Love the drawing :D

  4. Thank you. Stick people are about the only type of things I can draw….

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