Habbies get a new player

Gainey just apparently traded two draft picks for defenseman Mathieu Schneider and a random conditional pick from Atlanta. Apparently the guy was with the Habs the last time that they won the Stanley Cup which makes him borderline ancient in my books but that’s okay. As long as does something productive I’m happy. Oh and by productive I mean productive for the Habs. Giving the puck away to the other team and allowing them to score a billion goals is not the general idea of productive. Unless you’re the opposing team.

Yes I know I just used the word “apparently” about a billion times.

Sorry Lang, you just lost your place as the resident oldie on the team. Don’t worry. We still like you! And at least Brisebois can have some company.

And the Pens just lost in shootouts. To the Islanders. Brilliant.

I’m still in a good mood!

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2 Responses to Habbies get a new player

  1. kristin says:

    At least the Habs are making some moves. That’s got to be a sign that they still care, right?

  2. Kidnapping Lacavalier would technically be considered a move too….

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