This is beyond musical lineups….

Carbo must have had a chat with Tom Renney (see below) and had someone create a random line generator because there is no way that a sane person would make this the lineup for tonight’s game…….

A. Kostitsyn-Higgins-Kostopoulos


Price in nets

Am I the only one who thinks this won’t work at all…..and that Carbo has finally lost all reasoning? Oh right. I was supposed to be thinking positively…. Fine. Yay this is so going to work. Putting Gorges on the fourth line is just the best thing to do in the world! Oh yes! We’re going to win 6-0 because there’s no way that O’Byrne and Brisebois and everyone else on the defense will let those horrid Oilers anywhere Price who will of course have completely recovered from his lack of confidence spell and be just stellar. Whahoooooo!!!!!

I’m afraid.

I also HATE late night games. And this one really is late starting at 10:00 PM here. BAH!!!!!!!

*goes back to day dreaming of San Jose robbing Boston of the Stanley Cup*

OOOOOOOO! Look, apparenty Carbo isn’t the only guy who has line changing issues! Apparently Tom Renney (you know, the Rangers coach) changes his lines so many times that one fan decided that they could do better by making random generator for the lines. You can see it here. Despite not knowing a heck of a lot about the Rangers, I’ve been playing with this for the last half hour…. I want one for the Habs now…….*sniffles at total lack of computer skills* I want a random line generator! *sniffles some more*

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