The sun did come up this morning…

….just thought I’d mention that in case anyone thought that the world had ended last night……

New day, not looking forward to tomorrow night when the Habs go off to Calgary and not really looking forward to the Pens vs Wings today but I figured I’d watch it anyway.

Let’s see…. Wings are 5-4-1 in their last 10 while the Pens are…. 5-4-1 as well…. Wings are the winners of three games in a row now after coming off a five game losing streak (hey, at least the Habs haven’t done that yet!) and the Pens are the winners of 2 in a row following some up and down play.

Wings are 3-2-1 when they get outshot and 31-9-4 when they do the outshooting. Pens are 13-15-3 when they get outshot and 12-6-1 when they outshoot you.

In terms of “goals for” the Wings are 1st and the Pens are 6th. The big difference is in goals against which has the Wings at 16th and the Pens at 27th.

It’ll be up to the goalies to show what they’ve got and right now at least we can say that none of them are too hot these days. Ty Conklin has a .856 SP in his last 4 starts, Osgood is .860 in his last 5 and Fleury has a .864 SP in his last 5. Or at least according to my scrappy math, that’s what Fleury should have…..

Wings have the best powerplay in the league which is oddly contrasted with one of the worst PKs in the entire league. Pens are ranked 23rd on the powerplay and 20th on the PK.

Last time these guys played the Pens won 7-6 in OT after the Wings had a major meltdown in the third period. We’ll see if the teams can keep the scoring down at least somewhat today….

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2 Responses to The sun did come up this morning…

  1. Section 311 says:

    You seem to be short on details/coments from last night. As a sens fan I am confused as to whether the Habs are trying to help us get the best draft position or keep us down in the standings

  2. While it’s nice to see certain teams in the bottom of the league – I’m not necessarily talking about the Sens here! I’ll cry if the Maple Losers end up with Tavares or Hedman – the Habs don’t like helping said teams get better by helping them get top draft picks…….besides….. I still think Tavares will look good as an Islander and the Islanders are still more than one good draft pick away from being drop dead spectacular again…. so yeah…it’s all good if the Islanders get Tavares ^_____^

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