I’m taking a new approach here

No matter what happens today with the Habs, I refuse to be upset about it. I was just thinking what it would be like to be an Islander’s fan right now. It would be really easy to be bitter about the whole thing or everyone could just learn to treat it with some degree of humor. So. No matter what the Habs do today and tomorrow, I refuse to be upset. Now if the Fed loses tonight…. I’ll be upset…. but moving on…

I think Carbo decided to try something new too. It would appear that he put everyone’s names into a hat and randomly drew their names out and create his lines from there. For today we can expect these for the lines:

Plekanec-Latendresse-A. Kostitsyn

Price will get another turn in nets – bet you anything that if he messes this one up we’ll be seeing Halak again soon – and I’m making the assumption that O’Byrne and Sergei will be sitting this one out.

Here’s what I see happening

  • communication will still be bad….
  • turnovers will be made and it will be bad…..
  • penalties will be dished out a lot. Carbo will be upset.
  • the Kings will score first and Price will be upset and the crowd will be booing a lot
  • the Koivu/Pacioretty/D’Agostini line has the best chance of working
  • Brisebois – assuming he’s playing – and Higgins will do something less than desireable today
  • Powerplay will work once and once only
  • PK might be better but I’m not counting on it
  • I keep my word about not being upset when they lose to the Kings and go off to see what this Extra Attacker fantasy game thing is for the Pittsburgh Penguins….

And I’m hoping Begin won’t feel too useless when he winds up skating around in circles while Kovalev hogs the puck.

Did that smack of crankiness? Sorry. I’m still working on this new approach *g* I never said that I was going to be oppomistic though… that would make me the “Eternal Oppomist” which doesn’t sound as good.

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