Rafa’s through

There’s nothing like Nadal or Federer winning to put a horrid hockey game of the night before out of your mind…. Yes, apparently despite what I just said, I’m still mulling over that one….

But anyway…..Imagine my surprise when I woke up and learned that Rafa was still playing tennis. For a match that was supposed to have started five hours ago or so, I as a little puzzled by why he was still playing. I quick look at the score said that Fernando Verdasco was playing the match of his life and was actually pushing Mr. No. 1 to five sets. Oh dear me. What was going on here? Verdasco wasn’t supposed to be this good. Surely this was a fluke and he would be tired by the 5th set? Or not…. The Verdasco I saw, was a very good one. He was just going for all types of shots completely fearlessly. It was crazy. This was incredible from him. Rafa had a pile of break chances during the fifth set which he failed to convert on until the end when Verdasco handed him the match. That was a little distressing. But Verdasco finally crumbled. After another half an hour of some very good tennis, Versdasco double faulted to give Rafa the match. Final score was 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 6-7, 6-4 for Rafa. Wow…..

As much as I love Rafa and I have to say that I really want Roger to win this one. That 14th Slam would be amazing not just because he would be tied with Sampras, but also because I think Roger would like to prove that he can beat Nadal *g* Rafa has about 44 hours to get himself recovered from his 5 hour slug fest. Good luck dude!

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