Hitting new lows….

The Fed may be shooting for history in a few days but the Habs are making some headlines of their own.

Except they will be making some headlines tomorrow in the really negative type way.

Think back to when Federer lost in the second round to Gilles Simon in Toronto (and remember that he got a bye into that round).

Yeah. That type of way.

I’m sitting here floored by this 5-1 loss. I can’t believe it….. I mean….It’s one thing to reach a new low while giving it a good effort but…. where the hell was the effort? I’m getting really sick of saying that the Habs couldn’t show more effort. There’s absolutely nothing positive whatsoever to take away from this. Zip.

Maybe I’m just tired and hungry and very cranky right now but I saw I an extremely dysfuntional team tonight. Communication seemed to be nonexistant, they took bad penalties at bad times, they couldn’t keep the stupid puck in the Panther’s zone, they couldn’t keep the puck out of their own zone, they couldn’t play well defensively, their offense couldn’t generate a whole lot, their powerplay only worked once while their penalty killing unit let in two goals straight goals. And Price wasn’t particularly wonderful either. These last few games have made Halak look like Steve Mason in comparision. Well… okay that’s going a bit far but…. still…. Like I said, I’m cranky right now. And I’ve just learned that my sister ate the rest of my dinner… so I’m very upset now.

It’s official people: WE SUCK BIG TIME RIGHT NOW. There. I said it. Like I keep saying, I can accept five hard fought losses in a row. I’ll take losing to Boston or even Toronto in a closely fought tough loss five times a row. I won’t like it although I’ll take it. But I will not sit here and take these type of losses. And I hope to the hockey gods that Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau come up with way to turn this around. Although right now in my present state, I’m thinking that this is going to take something drastic to change things around right now. This was supposed to be the game that they showed up and played well and look what happened. What’s it going to take to win a game in a decent fashion?

Oh and because I really feel like rubbing the salt into the wound right now:

  • Boston is now 16 points ahead since they just lost in OT to the Devils. The Devils had a 2-0 lead on them before they caught up. Yes, the same Devils that trounced us last week. And it’s the Bruins who have routinely kicked our butts this year.
  • The Islanders beat the Thrashers 5-4 after taking a 4-0 lead. Yes, I said the Islanders (who beat us last time. Remember that one?) beat the same Thrashers that we couldn’t beat.
  • The Carolina Hurricanes that we can’t beat for no real reason just beat the Tampa Bay Lightning who we can’t really beat either.
  • And the Dallas Stars who we haven’t lost to yet are about 7 seconds away from taking out the Red Wings who we did manage to beat 4-2.
  • The Sens who we have beaten are tied with the Blues who we did eke out a win against after the second period. [crap, make that 3-1 for the Sens in the end]
  • And the hated Leafs who we have beat twice and lost embarassingly to once are beating the Avalanche who we haven’t played yet. [Guess who won 7-4…. Oh yeah the Leafs]

Do we actually have a winning record against anyone? Oh yeah, we had one against the Panthers… Still technically do….Right…..

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