Federer vs Roddick part 18

Tonight will be the battle of the semi-oldies as Roger takes on a rejuvinated Andy Roddick. As mentioned, this is their 18th match up with the Fed taking 15 of the past 17. If that sounds like Roger always beats Roddick it then you’re right. He does. These guys have been playing each other for a very long time in tennis years. When you consider that A-Rod was the last person to be numero uno before the Fed took over, it’s pretty cool that he’s still around in the top ten.

I’m seriously considering watching this match at 2:30 in the morning. Federer has shown that that match against Berdych was a little bit of a blip and he’s ready to go for Slam no. 14. Roddick though is looking really good too. I mean, this is the best that he’s looked since… a very loooong time. I think Federer will still win but I’m hoping that he’s not expecting Andy to be a pushover this time. Should be a good match.

Oh and A-Rod has this to say about the Fed “I was really happy to see Roger win the US Open last year. If I’m being frank with you guys, he was a lot classier in that press conference with everyone here than I would have been if I was in that position.”

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