Zap… zap… zappity zap….zap…….

That’s the sound of the Habs as they lie sizzling on the ice after being zapped by the Bolts in case you weren’t wondering.

What am I supposed to say here? That was a pathetic effort for the Habs. Again. I’m trying desperately to wrap my head around what the heck just happened here but my brain is drifting towards women’s tennis right now. You got me. I’m watching one of my least favorite tennis players on the planet right now. At least the effort that Serena Williams is putting out is actually an effort. She may not be playing very well right now but she’s trying.

I just don’t get what happened here tonight for the Habs but from the outset it looked like this was going to be bad. I lost complete track of who scored for the Bolts and I don’t care to go revisit it. But what happened to all that talk of playing a full game from the Habs? Eh?! Oh and staying out of the penalty box? I lost count of the number of times that the Habs ended up in the freaking box all night. You absolutely can’t get anything going if you’re constantly a man down…The thing I really didn’t like was the Habs giving up. They looked like they were ready to quit by the middle part of the third period. This is really not the team that I like to see. It’s sad and downright frustrating when such a talented team, like this one is, gets burned because they just don’t bother to show up for whatever reason….. I could almost understand if the Habs were a bad team like… Ottawa…. but…. but….. Why do you torture me like this? Why? I’m not saying that you should win the Stanley Cup (which would be nice but I don’t see it happening). I’m not asking you to blank Boston next week (the flailing goalie’s team are just that good). I’m not asking for you guys to turn into a team like the San Jose Sharks or the Detroit Red Wings (because who wants to be the Wings when they lose to Rick Nash). I’m just asking for a good effort for sixty bloody minutes….Is that really too much to ask for? (apparently so). I don’t care if Carbo thinks the refs are against him. Tough it out and don’t do stupid things to get penalties anyway. The Habs could have won tonight. No, they should have won. Yes, the Bolts overachieved in the second period. But don’t tell me that the Bolts get full marks for that period. The Habs made it easier for them.

I just hope that things change for their game against the Panthers….. Mind you, I’ve been saying and hoping for the Habs to do better for what seems like forever now….

…….I’m off to watch more tennis now………

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