Bruins run by a Clod

Now before you jump down my throat for insulting the guy, you need to know that I’m speaking the truth. While I was waiting for the Habbies to play, I turned on the Boston vs Washington game. I wasn’t really paying attention to the announces until one of them said Julien’s name.

Only on… well, I was going to say Versus, but it goes for just about any station that doesn’t have an announcer who at leasts knows a little bit of French. Okay so only anywhere outside of Quebec will Claude Julien be called “Clod Joo-lee-en”. Clod? Look, I may not like the guy too much, but calling him a clod is going a bit too far, no? People…. It’s “CL-oh-d ZHU-lee-eh”. I should find a recording because my abilities to express sounds in a decent manner are non-existent. But still… Clod? You get Milan Lucic right but you can’t say Claude??!!! That’s just….funny…….

Sorry, I’m easily amused right now…… Clod…….. Funny…… Yeah, I had too much sugar…..

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5 Responses to Bruins run by a Clod

  1. The name Claude, if given to an Anglophone, is pronounced as if you were calling them a dolt, yes. It’s one of our many endearing traits. :p In fact, if you pronounced it correctly, along with most other names of French origin, they’d look at you funny for it.Now, I’d like to know once and for all how in the world to pronounce Jose Theodore. I swear every announcer down here has a different way of going about it. I just know it can’t be pronounced like the Spanish name Jose, though. zho-ZAY TAY-oh-door…right? Or am I stupid, as well? You can blame it on my taking German in school rather than French. :)

  2. Name pronunciation – or lack there of – provides me with endless hours of fun, headaches and amusement… *g* Oh man, Theodore…He obviously wasn’t our goalie when I started watching the Habs so I missed a lot of people saying his name… but let’s see…*thinks* I’d say it “JOE-zay THEE-oh-dor” but I dunno… Okay…according to Wikipedia, Theodore was asked how to say it and he says it’s “JOE-zay THEE-uh-dor”. I have reasons for not trusting players when they tell you how to say their own names but I’ll believe him on this one *g* Apparently his last name is of Greek orgin. The mispronunciation is probably because of the French announcers when he played here. A Francophone would say it “TAY-oh-dor”.

  3. Eh, I guess that’s what I get for assuming stuff just because a guy comes from Laval. Oh well. :)

  4. Actually, case in point, our coach Michel. He insisted when he came here that people call him Mike or Michael. Perhaps he was worried that people would think him to be feminine if he retained the actual pronunciation of his first name. *shrug*

  5. Yeah…I’ve tried not to assume things when it comes to names but I’m very often wrong anyway…*g* I was going to say I thought it was tad odd that Therrien (oo another ex-Habs coach!) has been going around calling himself “Mike” but then again, I’m not a guy with a French name that sounds rather feminine outside of Quebec so…I think if I were him, I’d be almost tempted to go with the slight change. Better to be Mike than Clod *g* Then again… if I were him, I’d probably keep it the way it is and force people to get it right….I’m a bit of a stinker for names (obviously *g*)

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