Perhaps I spoke too soon?

I’m hoping so anyway. It was announced this morning – probably while I was busy whining about the Habs – that Chipchura and Stewart have been sent back to the Hammies. I’m taking this as a sign that Higgy is coming back after the break for sure. I can’t say that I’ll miss Chipchura too much. I was hoping from a little more from him but it just didn’t happen. And Stewart wasn’t around long enough to really be given a shot at it but that’s not his fault really. It just happens. Well, anyway… this whole thing could be good. Or it could just plain fall flat on its face. I’m hoping for the former obviously. I’m als hoping that since there is some actual competition for a spot on a line, we will see the guys working harder now. We shall probably see some musical lineups happening again which should hopefully further get the guys to work things out quickly unless they want to be shuffled around and around and around and… okay I’ll stop. I’m thinking that Lang will stay with the Kostitsyn brothers for a while at least and Lapierre’s line will stay put for a bit. The rest? Well, we shall see…..

I’m thinking of braving the crowds tomorrow and just go downtown for the heck of it and to say I did it….. It’s going to be cold…and wet….and mushy… and there will be a billion people… and I’ll be all by myself…. Oh well… could be interesting….

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