So much for being motivated: How NOT to play

I think Price is bad for Halak. And I think the Habs are allergic to playing bottom ranked teams. And I think I’m going to explode right now (which would probably make me the only one other than maybe Carbo who wants to go Jarrko Ruutu and bite someone).

The Habs simply didn’t show up to the game tonight and Halak who despite all the criticism has been doing well, didn’t look good tonight. It’s hard to say just how much of an affect Price had on the whole game but look at it this way: Price is sitting at the benches for the first time since Dec 30. and Halak lets in two straight goals – whether they were his fault or not (I’m not blaming him too much on the second goal) they were still scored within a minute and whatever apart while he was in nets – in the first period and another one in the beginning of the third. He gets dumped for Price and the Habs get a powerplay. Within seconds Pacioretty scores and within another minute or so, the Habs have another goal. Granted it was a lucky goal that happened to bounce off the skate of Begin. But it was an attempt at a pass to Begin who could have maybe put it into the net. Point is, for a little it in the second period the Habs were trying like they weren’t doing before. Was it because Price was in nets or was it because the Habs were playing like crap in the first period and they wanted to do something other than play dead? You tell me. Bottom line is, it didn’t actually last and the third period went down the drain for the Habs and they lost 4-2. Cue the depressing music (I knew I got the soundtrack to “Defiance” for a reason!).

Oh, the one almost funny moment was a save that Price made when the puck bounces off his back and into the new pads that he was breaking in. For a moment nobody had any idea where the puck was. That should rank up there with…I think it was Sabourin who made this shootout save because the puck went up his shirt…

I really don’t know what to say on this one (re: I want to forget about this one as soon as possible). They just have to stop not taking other teams seriously. It’s killing them. The number of games that they’ve lost because they didn’t show up to the game because they thought it would be easy are too numerous to list right now. It’s pretty sad, really. I know the Habs can’t win every game and I know that there will be tough losses. But I can’t easily accept the Habs not showing up to the game and losing. I’ll take five losses like the one in Boston over ones like tonight’s. You may not be able to control what the other team does, but you can control what you do. You can control your attitude. You can control how much effort and emotion you put into a game. And for their sake, the Habs better put in a heck of a lot better effort tomorrow.

Oh and someone should tell Bettman that there should be a rule against teams in ugly jerseys and no fans winning…. The place was practically empty and I swear I heard more people cheering for the Habs than I did for the Thrashers. AND the Thrashers look about as good as Rafa did in Melbourne yesterday…. Normally I adore Rafa but this whole new look thing really stinks…

Around the league in about 2 seconds

  • Either the Penguins are completely under-achieving or else Cam Ward and the Hurricanes are seriously over-achieving tonight because thanks to a certain Eric Staal (gotta say, he’s not my favorite of the Staal brothers *coughs*) the Hurricanes just won 2-1.
  • Caps and Sens are tied but I’m not holding any hope on the Sens stopping Ovechkin an Co. Even if Ovechkin hasn’t score yet…. someone else will score….Update: Ah… Guess I got proved wrong here. Sens got a goal on a late powerplay. As much as I hate the idea of a victory for the Sens, I’m glad that the Caps didn’t get anymore points…. it’s good for the Habs.
  • Rangers won over Anaheim so they collect two points and put themselves up on the Habs by two points…..
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