[disclaimer: the following is the ramblings of an insane, tired, and extremely happy Habs fan. It may not make a heck of a lot of sense and it’s probably filled with Sens bashing. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. And no, I’m not changing the title to “Olay”. Pretend there’s an accent on the Es]


The football song is stuck in my head now.

This being the first ever time that I’ve gone to a hockey game – sad, I know. EP wants to thank her uncle for getting the tickets and putting up with sitting with all the Habs fan for the night – I was quite wrapped up in the atmosphere of the whole place – which was mainly Habs oriented – and so I kind of missed quite a bit the finer aspects of the game, therefore, I won’t even attempt to break this one down properly. Go read the HABS papers or blogs for that. Buuuuut I can say that the atmosphere was really awesome. Gotta love us noisy Habs fans. We really know how to show the other team who’s got the noisier fans *g* Even I – who really doesn’t like to display a lot of emotion in crowds (which is technically the time to do it, right?) – was screaming and was tempted to sing even. It’s a very catchy song you know. Oleee! Oleee-oh-leeee! Oooo leeeee!!!!!!!!!!

I can say one thing for sure about the actual game though: HOW THE HECK DID WE END UP GOING TO SHOOTOUTS AGAINST THEM??????!!!!! Oh god, I was screaming – which no one heard admits their own booing or cheering – when that goal came in….. I actually haven’ got a clue who scored. I did have seats at the end where the Halak was for most of the night but I wasn’t paying attention to who scored….Argh….That was…. ick…ick….ick… And it could have been less ick if the stupid Habs hadn’t let a 3 on 1 rush happen for the Sens.

The downside to watching Halak all night was that I didn’t get to see the Habbies scoring too well. BUUUUUT! I saw D’Agostini score and I’m happy for the guy that he got a goal (finally). Whoopieeeee! Oo and I did get a very clear view of Kostopoulos’ goal….I’m totally not complaining that Elliot should have had that one…. I got a clear view of the puck sliding past that red line. Aaaaaaaaaand…. I got a clear view of Spezza and Alfredsson messing up completely in the shootouts which was really nice, but I wish I could have see Kovalev and Lapierre get their goals.

I had to keep sitting there going “Wow…. Halak is actually there….. I’m actually staring at the guy in real life as supposed to on a TV screen. And that’s actually the back of Guy Carbonneau’s head I’ve got a good view of…..” It was really weird and really cool at the same time. I was prettying high up but I could easily see the bench. It would have been a downside to not being able to see Carbo go nuts in the third period but umm, I wasn’t thinking about Carbo at all *g*

Okay look, I hate the idea that we had to go to shootouts against them. The Sens fans on the radio all acted like their team was great again. News flash people: yes, your team showed signs of brilliance (I said SIGNS) but evidently you all missed out on two things. 1) the Sens stank\ in the second period big time. You’re lucky that the stupid Habs couldn’t get more than 1 goal in on you! 2) the Habs did roll over and die in the third period, making your lives easier. Oh and to the people who think that the Habs fans should stop singing a “soccer song”… first off… it’s a “football song” and second of all, what’s the big deal if we sing it? It’s catchy and easy to sing and we’re just going to do it more if we know it bugs other people. You want us to chant “Sens Suck” next time? Oh wait, there were people saying that already tonight…..

So as you can see, I had fun. I’ll take the Habs winning any way possible if it’s in Ottawa and the place is packed with Habs fans. The Habs get two points, the Sens get to feel special for taking a point, the Habs didn’t exactly implode entirely, it’s all good… We know that when it matters, the Habs can pull the trigger and produce sixty minutes of brilliant playing. Now, someone just has to tell them that every game matters…. But like I said, two points is two points. Take ’em or give ’em to the Sens. And bring on a better effort against…. whoever is next! Atlanta? New Jersey? Forgot….it’s almost 1 in the morning and my brain is shutting down!

Oh and… how come nobody told me that Stewart was getting a try tonight? I didn’t know that he was playing until I saw him on the ice…… *dies* Oh well… Didn’t he get an assist on D’Agostini’s goal? Or at least bonus points for trying?

The gooooooooood –

  • HABS FANS ROCK. Sorry to everyone who thinks we’re obnoxious…
  • Live games are fun
  • D’Agostini scored
  • Kovalev didn’t hit the posts too many times tonight
  • Powerplay is still oddly alive despite some seriously stinking tonight… And no, I’m not getting into whether it should have been only 4-3 or not when Kovalev scored….


  • The noise…my ears are still ringing and my head is killing me….
  • people who drink waaay too much during the game…. yes, I’m looking at the Sens fans sitting next to me. Then again, I can forgive them. They needed to drink to keep their minds off of how icky their team is in general
  • Habs dying in the third period…. YOU NEED TO PLAY SIXTY MINUTES PEOPLE! SIXTY! And I said I wanted a resounding win!!!! I’m sure Carbo will agree with me!
  • Umm…. was that THREE goals in SEVEN shots you let in, Halak?! *sniffles* I don’t blame you for that 3 on 1 rush thing but…but…. but….. *wails*
  • POWERPLAY for the rest of the game…. *kicks it*

Notes on the mind of a rabid Habs fan

  • Habs fans like to cheer “Go Habs Go!” before the Habs even come on the ice to warm up (you know it’s going to be a looooong night when only a handful of people are in the stands and they’re screaming “Go Habs Go” and there’s still 30 mins till the players warm up even….)
  • Habs fans like to cheer “Go Habs Go!” at random intervals of the game
  • Habs fans like to cheer “Go Habs Go!” when the Habs are doing well
  • Habs fans like to cheer “Go Habs Go!” when the Habs are stinking
  • Habs fans like to sing “Ole!”. A lot.
  • Habs fans like to scream a lot. Yes, you annoying kiddies who were screaming behind me! I was ready to drop kick you onto the ice but I figured as long as you scream “Go HABS Go” and not “Go Sens Go”, you deserved to make some noise. And also, I was told that dropping things on the ice could get me fined or booted out. Too bad. I could have hit Spezza with a beernut thing….
  • They also like to chant “Sens Suck” (I refrained from that).
  • Habs fans don’t shut up. They sing and sing and sing until they’re out in their cars. And even then they continue as they wait to get out of the parking lot which almost resembles the traffic in the parking lot at my local shopping center…
  • You can’t out-chant a Habs fan. Think you can get something going by saying “Go Sens Go?” Forget it. Habs fans will ALWAYS out chant you. They come back and shout at the top of their lungs to drown out any sound that resembles “Sens”
  • Habs fans like to boo. A lot.
  • Habs fans took special exception to the “Big Three” doing anything on the ice. Scoring, taking the puck, skating, breathing…. You name it and the Habs will boo ’em. Well… okay… maybe not the last two… or even three…. They haven’t reached the “special” treatment class yet. You have to be Briere or Grabovski for that.
  • Habs fans hate the refs. Unless the refs are giving the other team penalties…. No, Habs fans don’t care if it’s a real penalty or not.
  • Habs fans are the best fans in the whole league ^___^

And because I like to: Around the league in 30 seconds… or more depending on how much you enjoyed the idea of Boston losing…

  • Yes, Boston lost. Amazing, eh? Okay so it was to the Caps…. Why can’t a bad team beat the Bruins so the Habbies can move up in the standings?! I thought that Boston would win but they didn’t. Hahaha…. Savard’s goal in just under two minutes of the second period wasn’t enough as Green answered a minute later with his 12th goal of the year. Semin would later add the game winner in the middle of the third period. No, Semin didn’t get into a fight….And no, Oveckin didn’t score (hmm?!). Caps had 30 shots to the Bruins 24 so I guess it would have been a pity of the Caps lost….
  • Carolina continues their downward spiral with a 3-1 loss to the Sabres. I continue to be surprised with how badly the Hurricanes are doing… I should get over it soon…
  • Thrashers earned a resounding 7-2 over the Predators. Yes, I said the Thrashers. No, I can’t believe it either…And apparently 7 different guys got the goals…. weird….
  • Devils beat the Islanders 3-1….. Islanders losing is getting a little bit old now…
  • Tampa Bay wastes 3-1 lead and lost to the Panthers 4-3…. Fun….
  • Chicago slipped past St. Louis 2-1 in shootouts….okay?
  • Dallas squeaked by the LA Kings in shootouts…. more shootouts?
  • Ducks shot down Wild 3-0. Poor Wild!
  • San Jose and Detroit are currently 4-4 going into the third period. Sharks had 2-1 lead on the Wings before a scoring palooza in the second period equaled things out.
  • Some weirdos called the Montreal Canadiens beat out the Ottawa Senators in shootouts….*G* yes, I’m still gloating…. reality will hit soon enough so don’t ruin my fun in the mean time…..
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3 Responses to OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Glad you enjoyed a win for your first game in person. This post is funny, because you were obviously still elated when you wrote it!And about the ole song, I love how it bothers every other teams’ fans when habs fans sing it!

  2. Hey, we kept the Rangers from tying your points total this afternoon. :)

  3. Grreg – Yeah, I was also hyped on sugar and was exhausted from yelling so it made for a weird post *g*Justin – Thank you Penguins! I missed their entire game because I was out for lunch…. *sniffles* Glad to see the Pens looking more alive again!

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