Of birds on skates and a Swiss tennis star or two

Saw most of the Pens and Ducks game. It was quite boring for the most part – I almost fell asleep! Nothing exciting happened really until Malkin decided to get into a fight with I think Corey Perry, maybe not, I forgot, at the end of the game.I missed the first period but stats say the Cooke scored at 19:39 in the first period and only two penalties were dished out for fighting. I had to wait all of 23 seconds for the Pens to score again in the second. Giguere completely lost sight and control of the puck and pulled a Toskala move and got caught completely out of his crease. So the empty net was there for Cooke to take (yes, yes, Cooke scored again). Pens outshot the Duckies 10-7 but they only had that one goal. Getzlaf would get a goal in on Fleury on the powerplay. It happened to be the only powerplay goal of the game. Penalties were again even in this period (2 each) and again, the only goal was Getzlaf’s. The Ducks really had no luck on scoring and after coming off a lame powerplay, they got further burned when the Pens got a third goal off the face off in the Ducks’s zone. And that was it. Well, actually, the Pens had at least two really good chances to score when Giguere again missed the puck entirely and it very nearly went in. Staal looked completely screw up on getting another goal in a half open net but video replay showed that the Ducks got a very lucky break when their defenseman turned at just the right moment and the puck deflected (safely) away from Giguere. Lucky!

Yes, I’m aware of the fact that if I was a die-hard Pens fan instead of the casual fan, I would be jumping up and down at the win. As it is, I’m just really pleased for the team who just proved that they don’t need Sidney Crosby for every game.

Around the league in 30 seconds

  • Blue Jackets lost 2-1 to the Devils. Apparently the game winning goal was just a tad controversial…
  • Leafs wasted a 3-0 lead and get thomped by the Thrashers 4-3 in OT. I hope the Hurricanes weren’t watching that game…. Silly Hurricanes can’t win against the Leafs…
  • Flyers eke out win in S/O over the Panthers who clearly stink in shootouts… Prospal didn’t score so the Flyers were not treated to an insane victory celebration. Too bad.
  • And Rangers squeak by Blackhawks in OT. Oo…

Oh let him at least get a point, Roger!

Poor Stan. I felt so bad for him. Federer came out and demolished him in under an hour with a score of 6-1, 6-3. In all honesty, Wawrinka really only deserved to win one of the games. But ah well. Federer just looked really good. Granted, there was no pressure on him, and he was clearly the best player in the entire tournament AND he was playing a tired Wawrinka…. but still…. he looked good! Poor poor Stan though…. and he could be facing Roger again at Melbourne!

Quote of the hour: “I wish I could play him more often” Roger in his vitory speech after the match. Yeah, Roger, we’ll pretend that you meant that in the “I want to play him more often because it’s cool to play someone I know well” rather than “I want to play him more often because I know I will win every time” *g* He kept apologizing for winning in his little speech thing. Poor Stan!

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One Response to Of birds on skates and a Swiss tennis star or two

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! I’m not much of a tennis fan, but I sure like soccer (and notably Liverpool), so I’ll definitely come back aound here…

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