So with the last events of the year in tennis coming up I just couldn’t help but say something about them. First off is the tennis masters cup thing. Federer is attempting to win his fifth title which would make him only one of three people to have won it five times. Without Nadal, it seems kind of weird to say that the top best players of the year are in the competition, but we’ll just pretend that Simon is Nadal and cheer for Federer. Or something like that… Anyway, I think Federer has a good shot at it if he plays like we all know he’s capable of playing. I think the only person who can really challenge Federer at this point is Murray. Djokovic hasn’t been doing particularly well this summer, though I think he will make it out of his group. I don’t really see Simon or Roddick getting out of their group either. As for Davydenko, Tsonga and del Potro….I think it’s pretty much up in the air and could come down to who doesn’t crack under the pressure. Here’s I hope things will go:

Group 1 (forgot what name they gave it… they should have called them “Group 1 with the guy who should win it” and “Group two with the other people who aren’t going to win it” and then I would remember what they were called!)

I think Murray actually has a good chance at finishing on top with a win over Federer but I’m really hoping that he doesn’t win against him *G*

Group 2
del Potro



I think this group will actually end up like this though. Watch as I’m horribly wrong.

del Potro

Anyway….Here’s hoping that it’s Federer that wins it! Bwahahaha… ahem, moving on… the Davis Cup. Apparently in South America they’ve been calling it a “salad bow” which I think is a great name for it *g* It looks just like a salad bowl! I read that Nadal is probably going to be out of the Davis Cup thing so I will now be cheering for Argentina. It would be awsome if Argentina won ’cause they’ve never won before and it would be fun to see them win. That beign said, I think they picked a horrendous choice in surface. In their bid to take away Spain’s huge advantage on clay, they opted instead for carpet. While I can see where they were coming with this (Spain + Nadal + Clay = Spain’s going to go home with the salad bowl of doom), I have to wonder if they considered the fact that none of their players, except for David Nalbandian, are good on carpet. It’s going come down to who’s the best of the worst…. Oh well, should be entertaining and with Nadal out now, I think Argentina has really good chance at winning it.

Shall be back after the Habs beat Columbus…

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