This is what hockey’s about

Sometimes it’s easy to get disfranchised with hockey. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught in the business aspect that occurs in all pro-sports. Long ramble short… stories like this one here help us remember what hockey is really about.

 In special needs hockey, there can often be some disparity between teams because of their wide range of hockey skills and challenges.  As the undefeated Junior Komets entered their final game against the Steel City Icebergs (from Pittsburgh), it was clear that our team was faster and more skilled than their opponents.  And (realizing this) our juniors quickly adapted their game…showing a tremendous amount of empathy for the Icebergs.  Then, the most incredible spontaneous act of sportsmanship happened in front of the Steel City net.

Brandon VanSickle of the Kawartha Komets gave the puck to 5 year-old Nicole Mullins of the Icebergs.  As you will see in the video, Nicole uses a special-made walker created by her father, fully equipped with her hockey stick. Nicole was born with hip dysplasia…meaning she has two dislocated hips, two short-bent femurs, and two club feet.  But, special needs hockey has allowed her to be part of a team…and allowed this tiny, courageous and very determined girl to achieve her goals.

After Brandon put the puck on Nicole’s stick, the entire Komet line skated the length of the ice beside her, and watched her score a goal…as fans from both sides cheered wildly. Afterwards, there were tears running down the cheeks of many of us who had witnessed this unprompted, unscripted act of sportsmanship.  I have never been so proud to be part of a sports program.

and the video:

Thanks to @Wes_Mantooth for alerting me to this story. I’m tearing up here.

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Who’s the pea-brain, really?

We’ll get to the title in a sec.. before that a ramble :D Contrary to popular belief, I have been following hockey…. It’s been more like 70% scoreboard watching and 30% actual watching though…

Lots of scoreboard watching though. Like, checking up on the Telus Cup or how PK’s little bro is doing at the U-18 tournament in Germany or how Peter Delmas is doing in Wheeling. The CHL hasn’t been particularly kind to be in round two though. The IceDogs were my only team to survive and now they’re getting clobbered by the Majors in the conference finals (boo). The Juniors failed epically against the Mehniacs and the Volts lost against the Olympiques.. oh and TheShawi lost in 7 against the Remprats…

Which leaves me having to choose between Patrick Roy’s Remprats and Benoit Groulx’s Olympiques.. that’s like having to pick between the Bruins and the Leafs. Ugh.

But speaking of Patrick Roy….

Apparently he was fined $2000 for saying that TheShawi’s GM “has a brain the size of a pea”.

I find that pretty hilarious if only because the real pea brain in this situation is Pat Roy…. Don’t change Pat Roy, please. Don’t ever change. I have too much fun at his expense…

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Sweepity sweep

YAY Juniors win! And yaaaaaaaaaaay Volts win!

My brain is so fried right now so I have nothing great to add to that other than the Hammies are squashed the Heat and are now one point away from first in the division. Weren’t these guys just last week out of the playoffs? This division is CLOWNSHOES.

I can now officially go buy a Frk shirt without worrying about the potential conflict that’d cause during the series… \o/ too bad Frk didn’t score a goal in this series. Pretty much the the only guy who scored was Abeltshauser. Hmmph.

Also, someone please tell me why the NRJ has this creepy add on their website? Creepy kid was staring creepily at me all night :(

……. oh and there we go…… my bracket’s officially been ruined because Victo just beat Bat. Stupid Victo. Stupid Wahhh failing for Bat. D: And stupid Remprats for sweeping too….

Oh well…  the Juniors are already doing better than they did last season :D :D So yay!

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So we’re 2 games into the CHL playoffs and….

1) FRK. FRK. FRK.  I got to see FRK. And I might have died when I actually saw that his name said FRK.


Dorky and Frk and some other Qmoose :D

As Hertzkid said “I guess everyone was too busy being depressed over the Habs because they’re not coming to see us”. So sad :( I’ve been to fuller regular season games. But everyone else’s loss. They didnt’ get to watch Frk beat up on Landry and then Dorky (yeah, the kid’s got something against ex-Volts or something). Or the Qmoose’s epic playoff hair. It’s all VERY BRIGHT yellow. Even poor Piche’s hair no longer matches his red jersey.

I missed out on Dorky scoring in game one because the Qmoose radio cut just JUST as he was about to score. I was hoping he’d score in game two but no such luck. Rose had a sick goal to open the scoring, Blonk had two goals, Captain Nic had a shorty and I’m pretty sure Gouchie and Pouliot (!) had the other two. Bearoobee’s numbers get to look a bit better with the shutout now.

Qmoose got pretty mad later in the game (can’t blame them too much) but all that did was get them into penalty trouble which resulted in more Juniors goals. Considering the Qmoose were technically still in it going into the third when it was only 2-0 for the Juniors, it was kinda not smart of the Qmoose to take stupid penalties. Oh well, their loss.

The Juniors are apparently spending today bowling in Halifax.

In random news: I need a Frk shirt :D

2) My bracket is ruined. Victo is up 3-0 in the Victo/BAT series. I’m sad/mad. Stupid Victo. And stupid BAT. We’re not friends anymore. Not that we ever were.. but still… we could’ve!

3) At least the Volts and IceDogs  are up 2-0.

4) which is more than I can say for the 67s. Did I miss something or is it a big deal that they’re down 2-0 to Sudbury in this series? Considering the 30 points difference between the two?

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Q playoffs tiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh hi, yes, I am alive! Just in time for the Q (and OHL) playoffs to begin!

I’m still in shock that the Juniors are 1) in second place 2) are playing FRK and 3) I’ll be there on Friday to see FRK. ANYWAY. Seeing as I don’t want this to be a post with me just saying FRK all the time… here’s my playoff bracket of DOOM. Hoping this one goes better than the ones for the NCAA in which Pittsburgh apparently messed half the population’s bracket by losing (I was spared because I dont’ follow the NCAA at all. but still…).


I dunno if I really see the Juniors beating the Remprats, but in my little fantasy hockey world Dorky scores the OT winner against the Remprats and makes Patrick Roy really mad by doing so :D

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Random useless post of the day

Just a random place to put some of the pics from last weekend’s games…

First off.. Mishy as a Failboat is so sad and strange :( Poor Mishy. Actually…. Mishy was the lucky one. He came into the game after the first period at which point the Juniors were already up 5-0. They added two more and then they didn’t bother scoring again. Sigh. Oh well… :D 7-0 is a good score.

Mishy playing for the Failboats :(


View from my seats at the Civic Centre. Avoided the water falling from the ceiling


Mark Visentin looking super awesome as he the IceDogs downed the 67s

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IceDogs squeak by 67s and I go home happy

IceDogs celebrating Strome's OT winner :)

So it’s that time of the year again: When EP realizes that the CHL season is quickly coming to an end. It’s a sad time of year because it means an end to another whacky season of hockey. It also means no more live games until August.

To effectively finish my hockey season I decided to see the IceDogs as they trekked to Ottawa to take on the 67s and the real end will be on Sunday when the Juniors flatten the Failboats.

I’m not sure who had the longer journey to Ottawa. Me or the IceDogs. I can tell you that unless the IceDogs pushed their bus to Ottawa like the Juniors had to push their bus to Rouyn-Noranda last week, I think I had the more headache of a journey. But that’s enough about me. More about the cool stuff: HOCKEY IN OTTAWA.

Point form because I’m exhausted and have too many scattered thoughts anyway

  • I really wanted to see Visentin play because it’s probably going to be the one and only time I’ll be able to afford to watch him play live :D Despite playing last night, he was in nets again tonight. YAY!
  • I think the poor Civic Center has taken a real beating since last year. At least when I was there last time the roof wasn’t leaking (they literally had a bucket in the seat two rows in front of me to catch the falling water) and random stuff wasn’t falling from the ceiling onto the ice. It was like this weird grey stuff. Grosssss…
  • Seriously, I’ve had enough of players getting concussions. One of the 67s got concussed after taking a hit and falling on the ice.  Not nice..
  • IceDogs responded after that by getting an ugly goal which had the 67s fans in fits. That was pretty much their general state. I kinda understand though. Due to posts, called-back goals and the like, they probably would’ve won 4-2.
  • “Let’s gooo six-teee sev-ennnss let’s gooo”. Most annoying chant/song thing ever. EVER. D:
  • IceDogs were very lucky that the 67s PP was crappy. I dunno what it normally is, but when you go 0/6 (felt more like 0/10) and your opponent goes 2/3, that’s bad.
  • It’s also kinda not cool when your EP’s team and you get outshot 20-8 in the second period. Not cool at allllll…
  • Not sure what happened exactly, but little Hammie bro was skating around with his jersey and face all covered in blood towards the end of the third.
  • I’m pretty sure I had a good reason not to like Thomas Nesbitt before but I was really not liking him for scoring a sweet goal for the 67s with less than 8 mins to go.  And gloating about it too. Bad Nesbitt.
  • Still, if Palat could get two goals on the Juniors in 4 mins then the IceDogs could score *a* goal to tie the game up, yes? Yes.
  • With some 67 in the box for slashing (and the 67s fans up in arms over that call too) Strome tied it up. My cheering couldn’t be heard over the booing. Oh well…
  • I dunno if it’s just me or if games seem to go on forever at the Civic Center, but this was the second time I had to sit through extra time and it felt like I’d been sitting there foreeeeeverrrrrrrrrrr already.
  • It ended well though. Ceci was sent to the box for slashing (promptly a lot more booing) and who scores the GWG with 5 seconds left in OT? Strommmmeeeeeeee!!! A few fans might have heard me…
  • Take that 67s!

will add more tomorrow. literally falling asleep at the keyboard here… hfarhewfnesdk…..

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